Welcome to Domesticraft, where I invite you to join me, Nancy Gaines, in my creative projects, experiments and diy exploits.

Domesticraft is the creative outlet for me to share and collaborate on all things cute, crafty and sometimes quite clever.   I focus on beautiful & affordable photography for your creative small business, website, blog and social media platforms.

This is my old brick and mortar craft biz.

It is here on my site, that I store all of my inspiration and enthusiasm. It is my hope that you, my audience, friends and supporters, will be a springboard to bounce off my ideas, tips and randomness that surround me in my everyday adventures.

I've always crafted.  A lot!  When I got my first smart phone about a year ago, it took my crafting and creativity to the moon and back!  I started dreaming and planning and perfecting my style of photography and learning about running an online biz.  Now,  I am so ready.

All the photos you see in my shop, in my Instagram gallery, on my Facebook page and on my blog (except for a very few) are taken exclusively with my Samsung GalaxyS5 Android phone.  On top of that, I take them only through the Instagram App. Rarely do I do any editing other than to brighten a shot up or crop it.  It's starting to look like I am a lazy photographer, huh?  I'm so not though.  I have recently started to experiment with different filters for some fun effects, but you'll know when I do that.

I like to put my energy into styling a shot or in the case of outdoor photography, I just point and shoot! Sometimes I think I might have bionic eyes, because it seems they are always scanning my surroundings.  If I fall in love with the shot, it will it go in the shop.  Only I will know how many photos I really take. 


I am a working girl, just like you!  Sometimes, we have to put money into our biz for things that we either can't do well, don't like to do or simply don't have the time and or energy to do.  I so get that.  I also know that as an entrepreneur, we don't always have a ton of money to put into our biz, especially at the beginning when we are trying to get it off the ground.

I'm good at what I do and I love learning new things daily.  My prices reflect my love of helping another Bonafide Boss Lady when I can.  My quality of work reflects my love of my  craft and the sheer joy of doing what I delight in and making a difference.

So if you love crafting and the diy lifestyle, stick around awhile.  If you can't ever get enough cute, Woot!.  If color and creativity rock your world . . .then look no further girl! (This little "poem" is why I craft and take pictures, writing is way down on my talent list. ;) )

Treat your blog, website and all of your social media sites to some fresh, creative and totally the onliest of it's kind.  The "unstock" photos you've been dreaming of!

Insta-styled Stock Photography ● Beautifully Affordable

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