Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Heart of Gratitude Final Blowout Giveaway!

Okay, This is going to be quick!  I'm between naps with a cold and I'm craving a salted caramel latte and it's just not appearing before me, so I suppose I must drag myself out and buy one.

So here it is!  Everything you see is what you get!  You have until midnight tonight to comment to enter.  I know I said 9 pm, but I was late . . . so you get a bit more time!  Yay!  Here's the breakdown for the last giveaway.

 One comment = one entry   Comment on my blog, on any post.  Comment on Dana's blog, on any post.  Comment on Instagram.  Comment on Facebook.  Comment on Pinterest.  Go to this post to easily get all the links!

Take some time this weekend or when you have some spare moments, especially if you need a boost.  This journey has been AWESOME!  Thank you, Dana!  I love you girl and I can't wait for our next project!  Thanks you ladies for participating a making this a real life changer for me!  I love you too!  Now, I am going to go get a coffee and come back, get in bed and bliss out on Pinterest!  Oh, and I am still working on the quote graphics for peeps who asked and would be happy to do more.  Just let me know.  Get it in TODAY though as tomorrow I hunkering down to biz!!




Friday, February 27, 2015

The Heart of Gratitude Journey is over! NOT!

Did you really think this amazing journey was  over?

Nope!  Not by a long shot baby!  

Not for me anyway, and I don't think so for you either.

Dana challenged us earlier today with what "Stand Out" things are we taking away from this journey.  I've got 5 HUGE takeaways.  Some I had already started before this journey began and some were HUGE epiphanies and there were many lovely happenings along the way! 

I am calling these takeaways and gifts . . . 



Coffee is a big part of my brainstorming process and morning ritual.  By myself or not, if I drink a giant cup or just sip . . . it's a "tool" just like my notebooks & pen or my smart phone.


Having a single buddy and sitting at the coffee shop or a group of women at a meet & mingle or an online group of like-minded ladies.  

It just blows my mind how such diverse groups of women CAN and DO put aside any cultural, religious, age or any of the myriad of excuses that peeps use to isolate themselves or decide not to like someone or for whatever reasons.  These women encourage and support each other, go to bat for each other and always have each other's back.  It's really something special to be a part of.


This has been HUGE for me.  Making connections can only happen if you put yourself out "there", if only a step at a time.  People are not going to knock on your door just cause it's there.  You need to step out of your door, walk around to the different neightborhoods where the people you want to meet are and invite them to coffee.  Invite them to you your blog.  Send them cookies!  (cookies = nice comments on their blog or other social media platform)  Give of yourself, your time, your talents and soon, they'll come for a visit.  You'll get that knock on your door.  Don't stop though.  Keep sending cookies!  Connect is an ACTION word!  Work it, girl!

This is for an upcoming blog post for Sarah Shotts.  She's got something pretty cool coming up!


It comes down to choices.  No big surprise there, right?  I suppose, not really anyway.  But how and why we make the choices we do gave me a HUGE ol' kick in the banoonies!  I can boil it down to this sticking point for me.

If you keep doing things the same old way, you are going to get the same old results! 

Well duh, Harvey! (used to say that when I was a kid)

I knew this!  At least I thought I did!  

But what I was really doing was just changing the "exterior" of things and calling it a "fresh start", like I had  learned a lesson.  I had "fresh.start.itis"  It's funny how we can fool ourselves, huh?  Not really.

My follow-through sucked, but I could sure make everything look cute!  But I was just really spinning my cute wheels!  

Don't get me wrong.  I wasn't stagnant by any means!  I learned, I crafted and I learned a whole lot more.  But when it came to my business, for the life of me I couldn't figure out what was holding me back.  Why I was so hit and miss or so hot and cold. 

It was because I didn't know what I really, really wanted to do.  I thought I could do it all!  Holy moley, if you saw all the lists of things I wanted to do and make a biz out of, you would be flippin' exhausted!  Well, I was! 

So when I got out of my own way and started thinking more about helping others and about being grateful for what I do have . . . things started becoming easier.  When I stopped being hypnotized by my own "busy-ness" and all the things I wanted to do and finally made a decision about what I CAN do . . . it clicked.  The light bulb went off!  Thank you for your help in that ladies, SO VERY MUCH!  Which led me to the last C.


It's like I've got new glasses, you know that feeling?  It's like when I was 12 years old and I got my first pair of glasses.  All the trees far away were really not "lollipop" trees!  I remember saying to my Mom, "Wow, look at all the leaves on those trees!"  It was amazing!  

The difference now is that I see past the million leaves now.  The HUGE amount of craft supplies and reams of designer paper and embellishments coming out of my ears . . . all screaming at me to "MAKE ME INTO SOMETHING CUTE AND BECOME RICH!  HAHAHAHAHA!"  I'm only kind of kidding. 

I have CLARITY. 


Thank you ladies once again, for all of your help and support and encouragement and EVERYTHING!  You were amazing companions on this journey, whether you clicked yes to the invite or not.  I am indeed indebted to you all!

So now this girl and her blog and her Facebook page and her Pinterest Account and her Instagram Feed are ready to kick some major BANOONIES and make it happen!  

Are you with me girls?  You sure as heck better be!! :P  It's only just begun!!

The prize for this last day of The Heart of Gratitude Journey will be the tried and true "Vintage Book Page Bundle" and it's going to include some vintage buttons too!   I'll give you till 11:00 am pacific time, Feb. 28, to comment for that one and . . .

SURPRISE!  One more giveaway!  I told it's not over!!  

I will post it around noon pacific time and then you will have till 9:00 pm pacific time, Feb 28 to comment!  And ladies,  I'm telling you I am grateful.  Beyond words and yes, dangit . . . I am tearing up, Bloody Again!!  This one is going to be AMAZEBALLS on crack!  (That's a good thing if you are a surprise giveaway!)  ALL prizes and I do mean ALL prizes will be shipped by Dana in the first week of March.  She'll come over to my end of town (I so owe her a visit!) and will have coffee and chat.  We'll talk about the amazing journey that In sha Allah, (God  willing) never ends.  And maybe cook up something new?  I'll just bet we will!  Love you guys! Peace.



Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Looking at Life through Washi Tape Glasses of Gratitude

Here's what happened.  

I thought I had it figured out.  



But each time that happened, I learned A LOT!  I didn't stop.  I kept going forward, keeping my eye on my ultimate biz goal.  Do you know what that ultimate biz goal is?  I didn't either, not really

Do I now?  YEP!  I got some clarity looking through a roll of washi tape.  (of course I did!)  Trying a thing, seeing if I could do it.  Was I just fooling myself or could I really do it!  Did I have what it takes?  


Do I have it all figured out?  


But I will work my bunoonies off and it will grow and be successful, In sha Allah. (God willing)  And it will have ups and downs and all arounds.  Just like life.

So, I am sticking with this ONE great idea and I'm going to give it my ALL!  How do I know it's the right one?  Cause, I want to do it all the time.  I can't wait to get out of bed and do it.  I LOVE 
to talk to like minded peeps who know what I mean, who get what I'm doing, who feel the same passion!  I love to learn all I can about it.  I just LOVE the "work" of it!  I can't get enough of it.  I could eat, breathe and sleep it!  

I finally REALLY get that I can't do everything!  I can do a lot of different things, but I certainly can't make them all into a business.  Who could do that?  Alright, you're right . . . Martha Stuart.  But she has a BOATLOAD of help!  She didn't start that way.  None of us do.  So why did I keep thinking I could?  Was I some kind of Super Woman?  Of course not!  Right?  (hehe)

I had to get real with myself.  I had to decide if I was really serious.  How bad did I really want a small biz that brought in some decent money.  Did I want to keep saying I want to be a success, yet keep sabotaging my plans.  Did I really think it was just going to happen all by itself, like I would get discovered like the ladies sitting in the malt shoppe dreaming of being famous actresses?  Maybe.  Yeah, sometimes I did. 

Sheesh. :P

Does that mean I stop doing all the other stuff I love?  NOPE!  You'll never see that happening, that's part of me.  Some of it will become part of this biz and some will be just cause I saw something on Pinterest and couldn't sleep until I tried it!  It will all have a place in my life just not always in my biz.

My BIG, GIANT, ELEPHANT sized epiphany was:   that we all get it . . . when we get it and not a minute before.  We can have all the "answers" and still not get it. But you must keep going and moving forward and persevering.

And you know what else was key was for me?  People. 



And of course, you. 

I am so very grateful. :D

Your encouragement and support has been out of this world!   Kinda like having my own private pep rally!  Seriously, if I ever am feeling like pooh, or like what the heck do I think I'm doing or just plain having a sucky kind of day . . . I can just go to the comments that you ladies leave on my blog, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Pinterest and  in my email box.  That, my friends, is the best part of my biz.  I'm closing this out now, cause I'm tearing up and I make way too many typos when I sob.  A big pain, ya know? 

So, big giveaway tomorrow.  Dana's got one and I've got one!  How's that grab you?  Also, hop over to Dapoppins and check out one of the most EPIC blog posts I've ever read.  I am not exaggerating one iota!  She lays it open and shares a difficult time in her life and does so with such honesty and strength and just the right amount of humor.  Man, I love that lady!  She can't spell-check for crap, but she writes like nobody's business! :D A wicked good read!   I'll see you all tomorrow.  Thanks again, my friend!



Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tabletop Photograhy Photo Shoot & The Heart of Gratitude Journey Continues.

This is Dana's doodle.  Her creation.  Is is not adorable?  I took it and doodled digitally on it!  Do we so make an awesome team?  The answer is YES!

Dana and I are hosting a Meet & Mingle event this evening.  It was Dana's idea to do exactly that . . . meet & mingle with other local crafters, bloggers, small biz owners, photographers, you know . . . anybody creative who would like to get to know like minded peeps.  No dudes.  Women only.  I think we are going to have a decent turn out, In sha Allah (God willing) and if not, it's at a huge buffet fun house kind of restaurant and well you know, nuff cookies will have to die. ;) 

Dana had another great idea to ask me if I wanted to do a presentation on how I take "such cute pictures"?  Seriously?  First, I was like uhhhhhhhhh, what?  But then she said, "Well, you don't have to if you don't want to, I just thought, since you're so good and . . . . her voice trails off and she takes a sip of her coffee, her eyes downcast and she is looking somewhat wistful, like maybe I kinda hurt her feelings, you know?  In my head, I'm saying "Oh, crap!  I'm not ready for this! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!  and then she looks up with a smile and I say out loud "Sure, that's sounds awesome!  It would be such a great opportunity!"  Blah, blah, blah.  Back in my head I say "Naseeha! (that's my Muslim name, it means "good advice" in Arabic) and I say it in the voice of my Mother.  "What the heck did you just agree to?"  

Dana doesn't know all this went on in my head, nobody did till now.  And that is what today's theme for The Heart of Gratitude Journey is.  Unexpected Blessings!  And I am so excited and super stoked and feel like I am going to throw up!  I got this, right?  RIGHT? I am totally cool now.  Really.  Thanks.

So, that's how I am seeing this get-together today.  As an unexpected blessing.  Another opportunity for me to put myself out there, push out of my "comfort zone" and grow.  To meet new people and make new friends and have fun!  To teach and to learn.  And to eat.  Nuff.  It's a buffet, right?

So, here's my trial run of what I'm doing for my presentation.  Keeping it easy, fun, colorful and of course . . .CUTE!  I just started gathering some props and crafty craft craft stuff and anything else that said, "Pick me, pick me!" ;)

I'll tell you all about how it went tomorrow in a blog post!  I'll take lots of pictures of all the fun or of me huddled over a plate of cookies taking sad selfies.  But I don't think that will be the case.  I will be announcing a new giveaway as well! WOOT!

I have a little bit more to write about unexpected blessings, but I'll save that for tomorrow!  I need to announce who the winner of Dana's amazing giveaway is for The Heart of Gratitude Great Giveaway is.  It is . . . . SUSAN BEST!