Wednesday, November 11, 2015

3 Easy steps to crush doubts and dive into life!

Change of plans.  The post I mentioned, about the big, cool amazing thing I said yes too, is not ready. :( 'Cause it got even bigger and cooler and I won't know for a view more days what the heck I've gotten myself into!! :) 

But you know what?  I can handle it.  But first you have to listen to my story and then I'll tell you how I know I can handle it!

So, what I've done instead is a blog post about my honeymoon.  No, not all sappy with heart eyes!  Well, maybe a little.  

My friend, Trish from Jewels By Trish, had a post on Instagram about a beautiful bottle brush tree she has planted in her yard.  I was telling her they have them in Jamaica too and then she talked about how she has been to Jamaica and then one thing led to another and I wrote an Instagram post.  This is that, plus some photos and other juicy details!

From   The above photo shows the bridge on the left and the cove in the middle.  Pretty cool, huh?  The photo on the right is the pool, which seemed silly to me with amazing cove available. ♡

Today's topic is: Take small risks. 

This is a scary topic for some and I suppose it could also depend on how you define small risks.

I think what helps me most when something feels a little too risky, is to think of it as an adventure, an opportunity that might not come my way again. 

From     The above photo is our honeymoon "hut".  It was called The Pillars.  See that circular stone shape in the middle?  That was our shower!  Wicked cool!

It was my honeymoon, 8 years ago. Negril, Jamaica. Tensing Pen Resort. Gorgeous beyond belief surroundings. They have a walking bridge that spans a rocky cove of water that leads to the ocean. I don't know how high it is for sure, but it's nerve-wracking simply walking over it, much less jumping or diving from it. I chose to dive. Hubs declined. (I learned later that heights freak him out a little)

I was freaking out too, on the inside. People may have been watching and I told my new hubs I was going to do it. So, I stood in the middle of that bridge, and told myself that this was one of those moments. I wanted to do it so badly and yet I was so very scared.

I thought of the FINAL outcome for each choice and liked the diving one a lot better! (I knew, rationally, that it wasnt going to kill me, so that wasn't a potential final outcome) So it became a lot less scary at that point. I said a quick prayer, 'cause that's a no brainer, right? And I dove!    Above is another close-up view of the bridge.  A little scary, don't you think?

It was Spectacular! Un-flippin'-believable! Breathtaking and a boatload of other happy adjectives! One of the coolest things I've ever done!

The benefits of taking this small risk were huge in so many ways! One, of which, was how it impressed the heck out of my new husband and the R.O.I. is still strong . . . 8 years later! ♡   The above is a photo of another smaller hut.  Look at that water!  So gorgeous! ♡
So to break it down into 3 EASY steps:

1.  Whenever something new or risky or scary or different or whatever it is that makes you want to flee the scene and pretend it never happened or eat a tub of Ben & Jerry's (insert your fave variety here!) Stop thinking.  Just stop.  Before you get yourself all worked up into a frenzy, just stop thinking.  Now breathe.  Nice, deep breaths.  Basically, get a grip!  My mom was a big fan of that phrase.:)

Nothing has even happened yet, except thoughts, and you are in charge of those.  You get to chose to freak out blindly and run or you can STOP, breathe and get a grip.

2.  Now you're breathing and you've got a grip, tenuous as it may be.  Now sit down with your fave beverage and your journal or notebook and a pen.  Are you still breathing?  Of course you are.  Good job!  Now write down all that crap you were about to unleash into your brain and put in on paper instead.  Just dump it!   Now, truth, doesn't a lot of it seem kind of ridiculous, even amusing, in hind sight?

3.  Now, with a clear head, think about whether you really want to do this thing that freaked you out just a little while ago, or not.  Think about it for just minute and ask yourself, with some clear thinking under your belt now, if you want to do this thing or not.  What is your gut telling you?  Your heart and your rational thinking brain, what are they telling you?  Not your fear and anxieties and crap like that.  Again, you get to make these decisions! 

Now, if you've followed the above three steps and you're still scared or nervous or still uncertain, that's cool . . . just rinse and repeat.  It takes practice.  I think the key is to not let fear make decisions for you.  To know that you can do big stuff, fun stuff, amazing stuff, if you just get out of your own way and instead of saying it's too hard, say "Yeah, it's hard, but not too hard for me!"  Read the quote from Nelson Mandela again, at the top of the page.  You are worth the hard work!

Okay, it's late and I'm still a little sick, so anything I've written that's sounds whacked, please forgive me and let me know in the comments or if it helps a little.   I'll take a peek again in the morning.  But I said I was going to get this post up today and I wanted to do just that!  There will be another one coming tomorrow  'cause I have a giveaway to do as well!  A pretty awesome one!  How's that sound? :)


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

5 things you might not know about me + Studio Tour

Head colds can sometimes be quite useful.  It seems when I have a head cold, I can focus on a task much easier.  Mainly, because I can't think past that one thing, which I am finding very helpful.  

With a clear head, my brain wants to multi-task crap out of stuff and as we all know, this isn't the most effective way to be productive!  

Conversely, it seems to shut down my "idea maker" and the ability to think beyond one short paragraph.  Then I have to reboot my brain. I would like to have the head cold results without the head cold symptoms for at least one day a week.  Any mad scientists out there??

So the blog post I was going to write today changed about 5 different times, because of the above reasons.  I was even going to use a guest blog post I did earlier this summer, but I liked it too much and wanted to add some new stuff to it and blah, blah, blah . . . .  this paragraph is apparently done. ;)

Instead this is what I came up with. A blog post titled "5 things you might not know about me."  I am using this for all of my social media posts today with regard to The Heart of Gratitude Journey!  If you are not in the private Facebook group yet, I would encourage you to join up right away at Gratitude Girl's Cheer League (That just puts me in a good mood saying that!  Dana thought of the name for the group and I think it's perfect!)  I hope you enjoy this post and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share it.  Here goes.  10 5 short, head cold sized paragraphs! ;)

Oh, and these photos are the latest to be put on the shelves of Domesticraft's Insta-Styled Stock Library!  These are photos of my living room/craft/sewing/photography studio.  They were shot with the Instagram app as usual and then I put a filter called "Earlybird" on them.  I love the effect!  I hope you do too!


1.  I have 25 vintage suitcases, 37 assorted baskets,boxes & vintage jewelry boxes and 2 vintage sewing machines in their cabinets.  All set up and displayed in my living room/craft/sewing/studio/office.  Oh, and I almost forgot... 2 birdcages.♡

We downsized (about a year ago) from a humongous home/studio to a tiny home/studio by about 90% and these are what I use for a lot of my storage.  My craft supplies, fabric, scrap goodies and photo props are pretty much contained in these pretty storage helpers.  

They have saved my crafty life and perhaps my marriage! ♡ They make it so my living room doesn't look like my craft/sewing/photo studio/office, even though it is.  Okay, maybe it still looks like a one, but at the same time it looks cozy and inviting and is still fully functional as a living room.  Plus, it doesn't make my hubs want to run away from home!

2.  I l♡ve mashed potatoes!  I couldn't wait to move out on my own when I turned 18, mostly so I could eat all the mashed potatos and gravy I wanted . . . even for breakfast!  And I did, for a while, until the novelty wore off.  I still love mashed potatoes, even mashed potato flakes, or the Kentucky Fried Chicken's mashed potatoes, which we all know are probably not even made with more than 10% real potatoes!  Just sayin'. ;)

3.  I never used a smart phone until about a year and a half ago.  I know . . . Dinosaur!  Not sure why I resisted them so hard.  I think it was because the screen is so much smaller than my laptop and I just didn't think that would cut it for me.

Now I run my business from it!  I am at about a 80/20 percentage, 80 from the smart phone and 20 from my laptop.  This blows my mind when I think about it!  I also have to admit it does make me feel pretty cool, I'm mean I practically carry my work with me right in my pocket!  I am totes, head over heels in L♡VE with it!

4.  I love coffee.  But I am not a connoisseur by any means.  I like the caffeine aspect, of course, but mostly I love the ritual of it.  It's the official start of my day.  Sometimes I'll only have a sip or two before it goes cold because I am so wrapped up in whatever I'm doing at the moment, but it just makes me feel good to know it's there.  I'll drink it cold, same way, mostly because I don't own a microwave and I'm too lazy too heat it up on stove top! 

5.  My husband is a tea drinker.  I hate tea.  He doesn't hate coffee, but prefers his tea.  Usually he likes my coffee breath, but sometimes I can tell he's thinking . . . ewwwwww.  He would be a coffee connoisseur if he drank it.  For now, he is just a coffee "snob" who prefers Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica.  

It could be because he is a Jamaican.  He is also a banana snob, for the same reason.  I get it.  It really annoys me sometimes, but I get it. ;)  Because they have so many amazing athletes coming out of Jamaica, he gets a little snobby about everything good that comes out of Jamaica.  Really, I get it.  To me, he is the best thing EVER♡ to come out of Jamaica!!

This post was really going to be 10, but I'm pooped and would rather hear about you now.

Would you please share 5 things about yourself?  Or even 1 or 2 would be cool too.  Pretty please?  I'll give you an extra entry in all the giveaways coming up and let me just tell you, there are some DOOZIES!!♡

Leave a comment below and I hope to see you over in the Gratitude Girl's Facebook Group, where we can share even more.  :)


Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Heart of Gratitude Journey: 12 ways in 14 days!

Hi, guys!  I am about 24 hours behind schedule on most things.  I always say, "if I just had one more day!"   Fortunately, I work for myself and can scoot things around to accommodate for this "just one more day" syndrome.

Does anybody else do this?  I think the key for me is recognizing it and building it into my systems.  Also not taking on too much, being more picky about what and who I want to work with.  Not deliberately putting so much pressure on myself.

But you wanna know what really makes being a creative entrepreneur aka, a Bonafide Boss Lady, the best?  What makes me smile and happy dance and work crazy long hours?

It's gratitude.  Being grateful.  It puts things in perspective and grounds me. Counting my blessings.

I had an "outline" for this post, sorta. Sorry, Kris, but I'm trying.  But today had other plans and so I'm "winging" it.   I've kinda been building this up for awhile now, so you guys pretty much get it already, right?

Dana, my bestie and I are hosting another Gratitude Journey.  We did one last March and it was amazing and that's totally why we are doing this again!  It was fun, exciting and filled with gratitude!

And I am so thrilled to be doing it again! The group has almost 100 members, some are returning from the last journey and we've got a whole bunch of new members too!  ONE HUNDRED MEMEBERS!  Wow!

I am having so much fun!  You ladies are incredible!  I am so grateful for your participation and I'm hoping you'll get lots of inspiration and ideas and bunches of new friends!

We are going to have giveaways and contests and challenges and biz tips and Q & A's and support and encouragement and some surprises that we don't even know about! ♡  Right, Dana? ;)

So read Dana's blog post, she's probably got a bunch more information for you or the same information in a whole different light.

I will post lots of stuff on Facebook and on Instagram and of course in one of the best groups on the internet!!  The Gratitude Girl's Cheer League

I am so grateful you are here and I hope to see you over in the group!!


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Daisys, cupcake liners and clothespins . . . .WHAT THE KNOLL?


What the knoll?

I wanted to pop in and share a couple of things to catch you up on what's cooking here at Domesticraft!  I've got some really fun things coming up for the last two months of 2016 that I wanted to get you excited about too!

1.  First there are 15 new images up in my Insta-Styled Stock Image Library, which brings the total up to 145  creatively crafted photos for your blog, online shop and social media posts. (scroll and have a peek!) ;)

Feedback about the library, it's value and creativity have had me smiling from ear to ear! :) I love stocking the shelves and hearing how much you love the new images!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I've had lots of fun with the giveaways as well and plan to have more of those in the months to come!

2.  The Heart of Gratitude Journey is about to begin . . . again!  Our second one!  Woot!  I can't tell you how excited Dana of Dapoppins and I are to host this lovely journey.  Yes, I can!  SUPER, DUPER excited!

Here's a quick link to Dana's blog post she did recently telling you all about it and here is just an exerpt to whet your appetite!

"There is a moderated group for encouragement on Facebook and you are welcome to join. Come be a part of the continuing Heart of Gratitude Journey. If you join now (FREE) you will know when we start a new challenge, which will include gratitude prompts, art prompts, Instagram prompts, prizes and flash giveaways of real stuff you need, like gift-cards for coffee.    And gift cards you can give away. (Absolutely FREE!)

For some people this is the hardest time of year.  If you have facebook, this does not have to be so.  There is a warm, welcoming circle of ladies waiting to encourage you and remind you of all your blessings.  All you have to do is join HERE."

Gratitude Journey. If you join now (FREE) you will know when we start a new challenge, which will include gratitude prompts, art prompts, Instagram prompts, prizes and flash giveaways of real stuff you need, like gift-cards for coffee.    And gift cards you can give away. (Absolutely FREE!)

Lots more details coming soon!  Things are already starting to warm up in the Facebook group!  The ladies are cheerful and helpful and creative and so very sweet.  YOU will fit right in!  

"The official Heart of Gratitude Journey starts on November 1st,a Sunday, and ends on November 14th.  It is going to be jam packed with an abundance of gratitude!"

That's it for this post, but there's lots more exciting stuff coming up!  I'm so very grateful you stopped by!  

Now, go ahead and click right HERE to join this "full of heart" group, I think we've got about 50 ladies hanging with us now!  We are thrilled!!  See you there! :)


Psssst!  Dana and I are having a brainstorming coffee date on Monday the 26th!  If you have any thoughts or questions about The Heart of Gratitude Journey, PLEASE leave them in the comments and we will chat about them on Monday.  Better yet, go HERE to join the group and ask anything you'd like and get lots more fun feedback than from just me and ol' Dana! ;)