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Monday, October 27, 2014

Sell While You're Sleeping . . . It's Not Just A Dream | Blog Tour

This is a graphic I did a looooooooong time ago.  Just messing around, ya know.  Time to ACT!!
Two blog posts in one week!  WTBF?! (That means "What the bacon fat?!  A friend used this silly phrase the other day, and I can't stop using it now . . . some friend, huh?  Thanks, Abs!)  

My mission is learning and growing, in all aspects of my life.  And sometimes that includes a well spoken . . . WTBF?!  My goal for my business for November is to learn all I can to get starting making, promoting and selling my digital delights!  I want them out in the world working for me!  So that means, I can't keep doing things the same way, right?  I want to change it, make it happen and move forward!

It is my pleasure to let you know about an awesome course that a very smart biz lady, mentor and my online friend  is teaching on Creative Live. It's the same one I posted about on my facebook page on October 21. www.creativelive.com + April Bowles of www.blacksburgbelle.com = LOVE!

April Bowles-Olin is returning to CreativeLive November 10-12 for "Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep and Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible". To kick off the class, April and her friends (one of them's me!) have created an amazing blog tour, through the end of the month.

This is just a graphic I already had made stored in my digital vault.  I thought it was cool cause it had her name!

April asked if we could pick a topic relating to her workshop and invited us to do a blog tour with her.  Ummmmm . . . yes, please.  There are over 50 participants and all of their posts are linked on Creative Live Blog here.  There is a HUGE amount of knowledge from these various entrepreneurs and I am plowing through them one by one, so worth it. :)   This is another course she did back In May, I believe of this year!  She rocked it, you totally need to watch it if you are even thinking of starting a blog!  Quit thinking about it and DO IT!  Her course will help you immensely!  Here's that link here.   If you want  to join me live in the course chat room (my code name is "Super Nancy", pretty cool, huh?) be sure to RSVP for the FREE course and mark your calendars for Nov 10-12.

So here are the topic(s) I chose to address.

a) What you’d love to learn from my upcoming course, Create Digital Products that Sell While You Sleep. b) The biggest questions you have when it comes to selling digital or information products. d) Why you want to learn how to create and sell digital products.

I want to learn the abc's and 123's of it.  I want be able to add it to my business seamlessly.  I want things systematized so that once I've created the logo, blog graphic, printable DIY Project Life cards, planner pages or whatever my creatively overloaded brain can come up with . . . it will be easy for both myself and my market peeps to put it up online and to download it and everybody has a happy transaction.

I'll make it, April.  Now what, and then what, and then what?  Like that, walk me through it, give me templates, give me a workbook and give me lots of examples of what to do, what works and what not to do, what sucks.  Hold my hand. :)

I would love to offer digital products for lots of reasons.  First, I love, love, LOVE making them!  From the idea, to the sketch, to the designing it further on the computer to putting it on my blog or on a tangible product to sell.  And all the trial and error and iterations from beginning to end, well, to me it's just a dang good time!  I guess it's like techy crafting!

I would love to help my target peeps "kewtify" their blogs or other social media sites, make their organizing and planning notebooks and accessories more fun and pleasing to look at, so they will want to use them! (It has to be cute for me or I loose interest, I need that little extra visual appeal, ya know?) 

And just imagining multiple revenue streams and passive income while I sleep, well that could do nothing but enhance my slumber time, even more that a belly full of Ben and Jerrys.  I can imagine sitting down with a cup of coffee and my smart phone and peeking with one eye at my overnight sales and smiling and thinking "this is pretty flippen' cool", then shooting off an email saying . . . Thanks, April, you rocked it again!

Soooooo, if any of my target peeps are reading this blog post, what can I make for you?  What have you always wanted for your blog or website or store?  Some hang tags for your crocheted lovelies, business cards designed like you really had imagined?  Maybe a personalized planner notebook just how you want it or a new facebook cover page?  Let's chat!  I've got my suitcase packed with my ideas and now I am really excited to hear yours!  Unpack them in the comments and let me play!
Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business. This course will show you how to produce and position viable products for generating multiple revenue streams and passive income. RSVP right here to watch it live and get access to the workbook for FREE. This post is part of the Create Digital Products blog tour.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall In Love: My Top 10 Fall DIY'S ♡ And A Thank You!

This is just a fun blog post full of beautiful fall diy projects!  However, before I get to the gorgeous photos, I need to tell you something.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support, your encouragement and your kind and loving words.  You have made me laugh while tears were streaming down my cheeks!

This business of Domesticraft and everything & everyone that has been a part of it (especially you!) has been such an amazing experience for me Full to the rafters with fun and wonder and learning and growth!  You have moved me on such a core level that I will never be the same. 

It has been an honor having you read my fledgeling blog and be a part of my business and my life.  In sha Allah, (God willing) we will hang out for a long time to come!  Oh, crap . . . here come the tears again!  Moving on!  :)   

#1  Pumpkins, who doesn't love pumpkins?  Check these out! I want everyone to save there stems and send them to me!  I want to make eleventy hundred of these beauties.  You too?  Yeah, I thought so. :)
Sprout Flowers
 "These lush velvet creations are made by hand and crafted with real stems."  I love them even more because of the lovely color desriptions they've used.  Check these out:  Lagoon, sangria, curry and dew. :)

#2 Acorns

Apartment Therapy

Are these not adorable?  I love them and plan to make a lot!  I shamelessly stole a bunch from my grandsons cause they wouldn't just give me all I wanted!  They were only parting with 2 or 3 each!  I know, the little ingrates!   Shhhhh, don't tell them . . . they haven't missed them, yet! 

#3  Free Form Upcycle Art
The Nester
This amazing little art installation is my cup of tea.  It's made from kraft paper and vintage books pages!  I would totally recommend you check out this site, it is AWESOME!  I probably won't have mine coming out of a head though, that's a little creepy to me.  I don't care for creepy.   I think it would be cool to add some color with the changing seasons too!  I can't wait to play with this idea!  

#4   MORE PUMPKINS!      

The Nester
Metallic Linen Pumpkins . . . need I say more?  Like I said, you NEED to check out this site! 

#5  Applique Tree Pillow
Cluck Cluck Sew

Cluck Cluck Sew, I just like saying that! :)  I love doing this kind of applique!  It such a good scrap user upper!  I so enjoy this kind of sewing.  I even like to do this on paper!

#6  Roasted Acorn Squash & Sweet   Potato Soup

Blogging Over Thyme

I made a lot of these types of soup in Jamaica.  Delicious!  Thyme was a staple in a lot of the cooking there and cheap too!  I keep forgetting to buy it up here in Oregon and am sorry every time I do.  I really makes a lovely difference in the soup!  Oh, and don't forget coconut milk, it is a must in any cream soup!

#7  Boot Cuffs

On Sutton Place

From Sweater Sleeves!  Hello, this is genius!  I know you've seen this everywhere, but it still gets me every time.  I hope the person who thought of this is rich. :)  (and sees this post and likes me)

#8 One more Pumpkin (but not just any pumpkin)          

DIY Tutorial Doctor Who Dalek Pumpkin
Sarah Shotts
Pretty freaking cool,huh?  I insist you visit her site!  (She's a very talented friend of mine)  This pumpkin' carvin' thing is just a side deal, I think!  If you like adventure, go . . . and tell her I sent you!

Well that's it for this post!  I know this was supposed to be a top 10 round up, but I forgot to get the site names on 3 of them, and I didn't want to not give them credit. I don't have time to look them up now, cause I'm off to see my sister in the morning! Woot! And that would be bad blog etiquette anyway, and I'm all about good manners. Sarah, the the cool pumpkin lady, shot this DIY to me at the last minute!  Thanks Sarah!  So, my dear friend, I owe you 3 DIY'S.  Remind me, Okay?


Monday, October 13, 2014

Behind The Scenes Of My Business Blog Tag.

Today, I am going to take you on a behind the scenes visit here at Domesticraft!  I know, I'm so excited too! ;)  As you know, things here at Domesticraft have been changing, . . . and so have I. 

So I thought I would take this opportunity to share a bit and give you a peek at me and my biz.  In the comment section, I would LVE your feedback! I'd really like to know what you think and any ideas you may have!  Thanks!


Okay . . . I'm a little nervous,  (there are 15 questions) but I am putting myself out there!  So, let's do this!

I was tagged by the sweet and inspiring Cara Vincens from Cesť la Vie (ours anyway) and The Hooting Pirate along with the fabulously talented Tricia Bertrand from Jewels by Trish with another blog tag from April Bowles of Blacksburg Belle.  April is one of my favorite creative business mentors (and it's a short list in which I must mention Mayi Carles as well.  I followed Mayi long before she hooked up with April as a biz partner, a very good match indeed!)

 Here goes!
Question 1: What’s your two to three sentence bio? (You know, what the heck do you do?)  
(Two or three sentences, me? lol) I am a craft activist, which means I love to share my "craft happy" and spread it in any way I can.  I am in the process of redefining Domesticraft, and by default, redefining myself. So what I want to be when I grow up, is a "Craft Coach". Actually I want to be the cheerleader too! I would like to help and encourage other creatives to find out what works best for them.  Coupled with lots of ooooohs & ahhhhhhhs, sound & doable advice with plentiful tips and tricks that I've learned along the way!  What do you think of that HUGE idea? Be gently brutal with me, I'd love to hear your ideas on my BIG PLAN!  I will continue to make stuff (of course) and teach individuals & small workshops. (gotta)  I'm planning to do some online workshops too! EEK!  I'm truly going to be going all out, cause you know what?  If not now . . . when?!  And lastly, I'll have a little online shop where I'll sell some of my favorite crafty creations. (See Question #5)

Question 2: What’s your favorite part of your job?   That would be hands down,the different people I get to meet both off and online and all the new friends that I've made!  I get such a high . . . crafting and chatting and teaching and learning. I can't imagine doing anything else, ever!

Question 3: What’s your least favorite part of your job? 
Truth, I can't think of a least favorite part!  I love the opportunity to learn new things all the time.  Well, maybe it's when I have to quit doing my creative work cause I'm forced to clean the bathroom or do laundry.  Blecch! Yep, that's it for sure! I wish I had some wind up cuties like these that would do my bidding!  Yes, I would like to have some minions. Please and thank you :)

Question 4: What are the top three tools you use the most in your work?  I would say my Samsung Galaxy5 cell phone is on the list for keeps! FOREVER!  I just got my first smartphone about 4 months ago and don't know what I would do without it now!  I still suck at texting so I got a little keyboard to go with it . . . now I am a speed maniac!  I also LOVE the quality of the photos it takes.  I have to give 90 percent of the credit of my photos to my cell! :) Plus with all the amazing apps for photography with two of my favorite being Rhonna Designs and A Beautiful Mess. ♡  Another fave go-to are my sewing machines, vintage of course with one of them being my Mom's  Singer Slant 401 from the 60's.  I LOVE using it, makes me so happy! And, lastly, it is a 3 way tie between washi tape, a tiny attacher (the most awesome stapler in the world!) and scissors, all of them. 

Question 5: What business goal would you love to reach before the end of the year?   The business goal that I am going to work my banoonies off to reach by year end is a complete overhaul and relaunch of Domesticraft!  I am so excited for this opportunity and I so hope you guys will hang out and be my beta testers.  Let me know the how I'm doing, the good and not so good . . . you know, keep me from getting to big for my britches. ;) (see question #1)

Question 6: Who are three creatives that inspire you?

Michele Wooderson of Mish Mash - I've admired Michelle's work for years and can always count on her for inspiration.  She is super talented, shoots lovely photographs and just seems like such a nice person!  She also takes gorgeous photos, oh did mention that already?!  I Love her work! 

Cori McCabe of Trail and Compass - Cori has a unique style and a wonderful business!  She is a full-time adventurer, an awesome creative, a parks advocate, and a cat lady on an eternal roadtrip across the USA with her hubs.  I actually met her through a course we both took on Creativelive.com and I started following her on Instagram.  Her blog and Instagram feed are full of the most incredible photography of US National Parks and so many other beautiful shots.  She's got "the eye".  Cori and I are working on a collaboration that I'll soon share with you.  You are going to LOVE it!

Carol Houser of The Jewel Lady - Carol is AMAZING and not just cause she's my sister! ;)  I plan to go visit her for a month on October 25th and I am over the moon excited!  She's just the break I need from all my downsizing work and she is my other half when it comes to anything crafty.  It's like I'm going to Brainstorm Craft Camp!  Oh, and she just happens to create stunning custom hand-crafted jewelry using silver and gold, with Swarovski crystals and Cat’s Eye beads.  Check out her Etsy shop, you'll totally want to buy something! ;)

Question 7: What do you listen to (if anything) while you work?   Mostly, I listen to Creativelive.com workshops, (I am a learning addict!) or creative and marketing podcasts or YouTube craft tutorials as well as some inspiring Islamic lectures, which help me with my positive attitude. :)

Question 8: Morning person or night owl?   Both.  Some days I'm up early and some days I go to bed super late, it depends.  But you know I think I would like to have more of a regular schedule, a routine.  I think that's exactly what I need.  

Question 9: How many employees do you have and what are the main things they do for you?   I am my own best boss and my own worst employee at times.  My husband, David is my chief benefactor and biggest supporter!  Although his eyes start to wander and he looks for the nearest escape route, when I have exceeded the 42 seconds of the attention span that he can devote to "craft talk", he truly has my back with every crafty step I make, always has.  He is such a keeper!

Question 10: What’s your favorite social media platform?  It's another tie! Pinterest, for it's amazing visual "me in a craft store" appeal.  Instagram, again for the awesome visual yumminess, but with more people engagement.  Facebook is brilliant for really getting to meet and connect with such an amazing global audience.  All of these platforms blow me away with the potential that I've not even begun to tap!  Oh yeah, look out YouTube in 2015! :)
Question 11: What’s your least favorite social media platform? That would be Twitter!  Mostly due to ignorance, but I figure that is for the best cause I really don't think I could manage another platform.  I'm quite content with what I've got on my plate now, thank you though.

Question 12: What works best when it comes to marketing your business?  Word of mouth, whether it's online or off.  Talking up my business has become a habit now and hopefully not in an annoying way.  Putting myself out in the public has not always been easy, but now it's a piece of cake . . . mostly.  I love meeting new people and listening to their ideas and thoughts and sharing mine.  It is so flippen fun! Just keep your business fresh and appealing and be consistent. If you mess up, NO BIGGIE!  Learn from it and keep going.  Enjoy it!

Question 13: What’s one thing about your business that your blog readers probably don’t know? That I couldn't do it without them, yes . . . I mean YOU! You keep me grounded and boost my creativity ten fold! And if I haven't told you lately, THANK YOU! 

Question 14: If your business were a fashion accessory, what would it be?   I would be a doily.  Yep, a doily.  The fashion would be a world wide apron comeback and my business would be an old-fashioned style apron with big roomy pockets and lovely accents of vintage doilies, buttons, seam binding and lace.  Here's an exclusive!  I'm only telling you. . . I am designing just such one of a kind aprons and plan to launch this limited edition collection in the spring of 2015, In sha Allah. Shhhhhhhh :)

Question 15: What’s your top tip for someone who wants to do something similar to you for a career?  Below is my top tip.  Be you.  Be the best you that you can be!  Don't be a Negative Nelly to yourself.  Don't sweat what other people are thinking about you, because you know what?  They are not thinking about you!  They are sweating their own stuff!  If someones says something that bothers you and makes you mad or upset or unproductive, blah, blah, blah, realize it's not them that makes you feel like that, it's how YOU choose to react to it!  You are in charge of how you feel! You make your own happy.  I guess I'm trying to say, GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! Now, go set the world on fire, girl!!

Okay, so now it's my turn to tag!  These creative bloggers are tops in my book!  I would encourage you all take a peek at their blogs and let them know I sent you!  I heart them all to pieces! :)

Julie of       Juliechats.com
Dana of       Dapoppins
Jenny of     Hi Jenny Brown!

No problem if you can't participate, but if you do (yes, please) let me know in the comments, okay? You can use the post title Behind the Scenes of My Business Blog Tag and the hashtag #MyBizBlogTag so we can all find your post.

Here are the questions that you can copy and paste:

Question 1: What’s your two to three sentence bio? (You know, what the heck do you do?)
Question 2: What’s your favorite part of your job?
Question 3: What’s your least favorite part of your job?
Question 4: What are the top three tools you use the most in your work?
Question 5: What business goal would you love to reach before the end of the year?
Question 6: Who are three creatives that inspire you?
Question 7: What do you listen to (if anything) while you work?
Question 8: Morning person or night owl?
Question 9: How many employees do you have and what are the main things they do for you?
Question 10: What’s your favorite social media platform?
Question 11: What’s your least favorite social media platform?
Question 12: What works best when it comes to marketing your business?
Question 13: What’s one thing about your business that your blog readers probably don’t know?
Question 14: If your business were a fashion accessory, what would it be?
Question 15: What’s your top tip for someone who wants to do something similar to you for a career?

This blog post is a part of the ‘Behind the Scenes of My Business’ Blog Tag started by April of Blacksburg Belle. She began this blog tag experiment to build community among creatives, help us bloggers to connect more and get to know each other better. This month’s topic is all about sharing the behind the scenes stuff of our businesses. If you’d like to participate or want more info, check out this posright here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this rather lengthy post! I hope to hear from you in the comments and Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest too! 


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Creative Storage Ideas for Vintage Lovers! ♡

I am ready for a little show and tell!  

My new apartment reminds me of being on a large boat/yacht...and I like that. I've got three funky little windows in my new "cabin studio". (which is also my living room, library sewing room and study/office @ about 12'8" x 14'8") They remind me of portholes,  only rectangular in shape.  My ceilings are low at 7', giving it a cozy "boat" feeling.  :) 

Storage is at a premium, to say the least.   In this photo,  I've got a group of four vintage suitcases stacked under one of the portholes. The beauty on the top was given to me as a moving gift by my friend,  Dana at dapoppins(Thank you, dear friend!) It's an old sample suitcase from Samsonite, which highlights the different colors that were available at the time.  Pretty awesome, huh?

To the left of the suitcases is a vintage little accent table with a drawer.  A tower of 13 vintage jewelry boxes is stacked atop.(I found 3 more to add to the collection since these photos were taken, yippee!)
Yes, the suitcase is upside-down. :) I'll deal with that later! 

Under the table are three plastic sewing boxes from the 70's in avocado green & harvest gold. Gotta love those! ♡

So, all in all, in this in one little bit of square footage,  I've managed to add 24 pieces of storage to my cabin studio,  without sacrificing the cuteness that inspires me!

I'm loving this HUGE to tiny downsizing adventure more and more every day.  It's a challenge for sure,  but I've always enjoyed a crafty challenge of any sort! That's how I'm framing this new phase in my life.

Do you have any small living storage tips?  I'll take all the ideas I can? Thank you so much, friend.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Domesticraft Downsizing! The adventure continues! UPDATED 9-4!

Okay, my crafty friends, this is going to be a photo heavy, text light blogpost!  I hope you don't mind. 

The sale to the public starts tomorrow, Thursday,Sept. 4th  BY APPOINTMENT! 

Text me at 503-267-0530 or private message me on Facebook at Domesticraft

On FRIDAY, Sept.5th, I will open it up GARAGE SALE style at 9:00 am

I'll try posting some more photos is the morning!  :)

Prices are right,  I'll even make an amazing deal for some smart cookie who wants to buy everything!  I am wheelin' and dealin' and ready to move on and get to crafting!


UPDATE 9-4-14
Partial List of Stuff

Lots of afghans
Lots of decorative scissors
Vintage globes
Vintage typerwriters
Wood and firelogs for fireplace
2 scrapbooking crop bags
Lots of plastic gimp to make bracelets, etc.
3 Gorgeous vintage hairdresser cabinet units.  They are super cool!
Large Vintage Wood Dining set with 4 chairs
Red Bbq
Retro Look TV, RED (Brand NEW)  Great Sound!
Vintage Sewing Machines in cabinets and tabletop
Custom cutting table with tons of storage and drawer space.
Sewing baskets
Lots of craft, sewing and home decor books
Huge collection of cookbooks, including Martha
Stewart and lots of vintage.
Huge selection of older magazines
Lots of craft storage, plastic, wood, wire, etc.
Craft tables
Tons of fabric
Vintage trays
Bulletin boards
Paper (assorted)
Wood mounted stamps (a ton)
Tons of crafting tools and supplies
Custom Made Vintage Buffet with Hutch
Hideabed couch
Red Love seat with ottoman
Coffee tables (3)
Two big cozy, comfy reading/cuddling chairs
Fold out bed love seat
Large (Quality) Armoire
night stands
vintage vanity desk with stool
Vintage Hi-fi cabinet
2 vintage bookshelves
1entertainment center
Lots of assorted dishes and pots and pans, etc.
Tons of kitschy Knic Knacs and paddy whacks
Outdoor tools
Lots of misc. chairs
Lots of misc. furniture odds and ends
Lots of pictures, frames & wall decor
Lots of baskets
Lots of brand new infant and toddler outfits
Lots of women's clothes and shoes

And so, so, so much more.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Domesticraft Downsizing Adventure . . .Bring your BIGGEST shopping bag!

My bag.

This is what my bag would look like if I was shopping, which I'm not!  Downsizing, minimizing, simplifying . . . that's what I'm doing!  Today started the downsizing sale to Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Public!

Add caption
There is a lot of interest in this lovely old typewriter!  I'll find out tomorrow who gets it.  I've got several more that I'll post some pictures of too!  I think I am going to keep one to mod podge (I saw a super cute one on Pinterest and bring two more of the older electric sweethearts!)
Hold me back!  I've got about 8 vintage typewriters.  Two of them I won't change, ( a mint green Hermès and an aqua beauty.)  The rest are awesome but I think they all deserve a pretty new dress!  Can't wait!
This is what I'm going to do to one of my vintage typewriters.  What do you think of this idea?  Would you?


The above typewriter is SOLD! Tanya of @tm_studio on Instagram
She also walked away with a couple of globes, a quilt, an apron and some other vintage coolness. I think she was pretty happy! 
Two friends came over this past Sunday for some crafting and some shopping!  Julie from .Juliechatscom also brought her daughter Delaney, who is going to be out-crafting all of us before long, lots of talent that girl!  Lori also came over, about time Lori! :)  Both are extremely gifted designers and so much fun to hang out with!  I see lots of crafting after the move as well!  I'm pretty sure they'll be back before I move as well . . . they sure better be!  ;)  Oh, and the lovely flowers and card were a gift from Lori!  Thank you Lori!  Aren't they gorgeous and the card is equally pretty! (my photo does not do the card justice AT ALL!
I have got a boatload of acrylic craft paint going at a sweet bargain!  Tons of different colors!
These are my two oldest grandsons, Muji and Zami, moving a table out to the garage.  My daughter, Aisha, is having to sell all her stuff out of my garage, so I'm letting her borrow a table.  Aren't I nice! :)  She has a boatload too, only her stuff is a bit different than mine.  First she has a whole bunch of vintage clothing for women . . . some really retro lovelies and assorted kitschy knic knacs too!  She also has A LOT of homeschooling stuff for you and your kids and bunches of games and toys too! 
Here's another shot of the beautiful flowers!

I'm not sure what Delaney is looking at in this shot . . . but she sure is sizing something up, don't you think? 
Hmmm. . . I wonder.
I decided I am not parting with my vintage books.  There's so much I still want to do with them with regard to crafting and there are several that I would love to read as well.  I just couldn't do it!
Well, that's it for this post.  I will be posting on Craigslist tomorrow, today kind of got away from me.  Email me at domesticraft@gmail.com if you would like to come out a take a look.  I'm doing appointments cause it might get a little cray-cray as Amber over at Craftwarehouse likes to say! :)  There is still so much left to choose from, but feel free to email me with any questions.  I'll be checking in often!  Thanks again to all the lovely ladies who have come out in the last couple of weeks.  Enjoy your new goodies!

I did manage to make some split pea with lentil soup, doesn't that sound good on a gloomy day?  I hope it tastes as good as it smells!