Saturday, January 2, 2016

Domesticraft 2015 Washi Tape Organization Wall of Wonder and Saturday Shout-out with Cara Vincens

Hi, guys!

This is my 2015 year in review, bits of it anyway.  I am breaking it up into a series of about 5 blog posts and will try to make them not too long and I'll include all the links if you want to check out the old posts with ALL the photos ;)

This post comes from such a HUGE amount of gratitude that I have for each and every one of you!  You all were key in helping me grow both personally and in my business.  

I am starting to tear up now, just thinking about all the blessings I've gotten to enjoy in 2015. I am blown away.  I thank Allah (God) for bringing each of you into my life, in whatever capacity it has been . . . it has mattered.  A lot.  

You have encouraged me and believed in me and bigged me up like nobody's business.  And I thank you.  From the bottom of my heart.  Now, as my hubs would say, "living eye water" is rolling and splashing down my cheeks!  Happy, sappy and truly grateful tears forming a little puddle of love.  I love you guys and I can't wait to see what adventures we will share in 2016! 

Domesticraft Washi Tape Organization Wall of Wonder! (check the link below)
January 2015 

Okay, January.  Wow, seems like just yesterday and yet so long ago.  This post was about a very cool washi tape wall I was inspired to make.  It was an effort to get organized, which turned out to be an all year job!!  

Oh my goodness! I have, just in this past week, gotten a grip on how I am finally tackling the whole organizing and planning thing!  These are hard core issues that can make or break a biz AND a person, ya know?

Well, it didn't break me (although I may have driven my hubs around the bend a time or two . . . or 50!  Sorry, Sweetie)  In fact, through all the thinking, planning, researching, praying and trying so many different approaches, I finally figured it out, In sha Allah. (God willing)

I will share the FANTASTIC, AMAZING, TOTALLY I CAN'T BELIEVE IT MYSELF results of this past year's of labor, later this month.  It's going to BLOW you away!  Until then . . . shhhhhh.  

This washi tape wall also made it into a magazine feature, which was so COOL!  I still can't believe it!  I learned a lot and had the time of my life!  Thanks and a big shout out to Anke of Maak Magazine in the Netherlands.  I know!!  It's a super neat magazine and such fun to look at and gather new ideas from!  Oh, Ahem . . . my claim to fame is on page 20! ;) 

Another super fun thing I did and totally want to start back up was the "Saturday Shout-Out!"  The very first feature was on my friend, Cara, from Luxembourg.  Since this post, we went on to do a super fun promo for her "Practically Perfect Planner"  We called it a Cute-Off!  Oh man, that was a blast!  

Cara and I did another fun challenge with another friend of mine, Francine, from France.  I just now put that together, Francine from France . . . oh, well. ;) I'm pretty sure that's not why she moved there from Granada!  Anyway here's that link too.  That was a super creative paper party, for sure!!  Memory-Planner Challenge

These two women are very special to me and I have no doubt, In sha Allah, one day we will link up in person and have a papercrafting party that we'll never forget!!  I can't wait!!

That's all this post.  I'll post the next one on Monday.  I hope you really enjoy them!  I sure am!  Thanks again everybody!!  Now let's make 2016 even more memorable! :)



  1. Now, don't get all teary-eyed or your won't get any art done. :)
    I know your going to make my year a whole bunch better!

  2. I would so love to come to that papercrafter-iffic party! Those girls really know some great ways to play with paper! You know I am down for that! (haha, down...did I date myself? Was that too 80's? Do people still say that?)