So how does The Insta-Style Stock Image Library work?

Domesticraft delivers thoughtful and delightfully curated images, sure to make you smile. I've included individual and small collections for your creative website, blog, online shop and all of your social Media.
I've stocked Domesticraft's Insta-Styled Stock Image Library with 100 unique and one of a kind, quality photographs.

Each week a "Maker's Dozen" of 13 + 2 more (because I love to over deliver!) will be added to the virtual shelves each Friday.. Being a curious kind of gal, I'm always stirring up new ideas and ingredients to add to the growing Domesticraft Insta-Styled Stockpot Library!

● Once you purchase a membership subscription (YAY!) just read the super easy directions to get your happy little hands on your new styled stock images!  Then each week you will be notified, with an email, of a new re-stocking of the shelves with a fresh photo collage of what's been added to the pot!

● Being a curious kind of gal, I'm always stirring up new ideas and ingredients to add to the growing Domesticraft Insta-Styled Stockpot Library!

● Any enterprising and creative individual who shares a clever and unique idea that ends up in the library or in a collection, will receive that individual photo and/or collection "FREE"!
Now shhhhhhh . . . you're in a library! Just kidding, Whoop it up!

Am I going find these photos everywhere?

Nope, all my images have been created by me and I don't even know what I'll come up with next!  They are only available through Domesticraft's The Insta-Style Stock Image Library.

How can I use the images?

For basic usage, it is unlimited and includes any non-commercial and educational purposes. Yep, You can use them on your blog, In social media, in a free e-book. Yep Yep. Yep! In your newsletter or sales page or a free digital invite? Oh, yeah.

Selling prints for wall art? No way, girlfriend,(unless you buy an extended license). You cannot re-sell or sub-license the images. And, don’t even try to pass the images off as your own. Everybody will know they are so not yours and peeps will tell me. (I know lots of peeps.) I hate having to even bring it up and I'll just say that’s so not cool.  And you're cool.  Nuff said.

What size and file type are the images?

The images are 96 dpi JPGs, mostly. These photos are intended for web use, so while this is considered low resolution, it is perfectly perfect for all of your blog, website, shop and social media needs.  Check out my blog,facebook and Instagram for peeks at my photography.   You are fine to crop and resize as you need to. 

How does the billing work?

I've made it so easy peasy for you. There is only one price option. Yep, just one!  A 1-month pre-paid membership subscription to Domesticraft's Insta-Styled Stock Images Library.  And the best part is that it is only $20!  I know!!  For reals, my dears! 

Your subscription will auto-renew until you cancel.  As if.  The library is stocked right now with over 200 images.  I will re-stock it every Friday, with at least a "Maker's Dozen". 

You'll be automatically notified and if I load up some extras and it's not on a Friday, you'll be automatically notified of that too!  It's so easy and organized.  Sweet. Download them as many time as you need.  As long as you are a current and cool member of the "D.I.S.S.I.L." Club. 

Do I have to credit Domesticraft AKA Nancy, with these fine photos?

Nope, you do not.  But please note, I am trying to think up some kind of referral credit fun thing and that would totes put you on the top of my faves list!

Do I need an extended license?  

Maybe, let's talk.

TERMS OF USE:The quick lowdown
 ● These images may be used by you for commercial and personal use.

● Images may be used an unlimited number of times by you, either online or in print.

● Members may resize, crop, and overlay the image with text or pdfs of product designs.

●You may NOT share, transfer, or sell these images to ANY third party.

● You may NOT create ANY products from these images to distribute or sell.

● Credit/Attribution is not required, but totally cool if you do. ;)

Domesticraft retains original copyright.