Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Dreaming . . . eating, drinking & crafting = bliss

Ice Cold Lemonade . . . perfect for a summer craft party!
This is what I'll serving up at the Potluck Picnic and Papercraft Party in a couple of weeks!  Do they look refreshing or what?  My friend Mayi Carles of Heartmade Blog is the inspiration behind this lovely beverage.  She did that little illustration you see washi taped above the dream banner.  I know!  It's so cute!  Check out her blog, she is one talented lady and a very smart cookie to boot!
I took an accidental nap out here one day as I think I mentioned a time or two.  It was the best nap. . . ever!
This photo is an example of what the picnic setup will look like.  It will be a bit different, because no two picnics are ever the same!  I like to try different arrangements and flowers and banners hanging from the tree!  And no sack lunch like in this photo. (that was last month) 

When you guys bring your dish for the potluck, I will put it in a cute serving dish and set up a lovely display of the bounty that we will feast on!  So, if you'll be home making the dish you'll be bringing, you may as well just put it in a disposable container, and if you're bringing store bought . . . then you are good to go!
Still Life Food Collages.  Whet your appetite?
I am thinking I will hit the Farmer's Market in Gresham and this cute little fruit stand out by Corbett. The little roadside delight has the yummiest watermelon I've ever eaten.  Seriously delicious!  I'm heading out that way again this Wednesday, so I'll get the name and exactly where it is, cause I am not kidding about the watermelon.  The corn, green beans, peaches and lemons were nothing to sneeze at either! Those are the produce in the above photos.

The fresh flower on the bottom right were from the Gresham Farmer's Market.  Herr's Family Farm whom I wrote about here.  The sad looking Gerber daisy on the left with the baby's breath was from Fred Meyers, which are good when there is no Farmer's Market. I still think there is beauty in that daisy. Here's one of my favorite photos and the hero of the picture is surely the flower.
Isn't the lighting gorgeous in this shot.  It is around dusk.
See you tomorrow for some more Potluck Picnic and Papercraft Party happenings.  I think I'll show you some buntings, banners and flags and if time allows, I do some wrapping and packaging shots too!




  1. I love potlucks! Sadly they seem to be falling out of style. I want to bring them back!

    1. Hi Sarah, Me too! I am doing my part to bring them back . . . please join me in my mission! ;)