Monday, August 4, 2014

NEW WORKSHOP! Mini Journal - Everything but the kitchen sink!

♡The attitude of gratitudeis what this ALL-INCLUSIVE workshop is all about! 
Just a wee sample of what's in store!
You will be making a mini journal, however you want! No rules! It's a grattitude free-for-all! You will have a BIG stash of papers and embellishments to choose from. Seriously . . . HUGE!

It's a paper crafting free-for-all!  No rules!
This is my favorite workshop of all time and I've pulled out so many goodies for your use! (you know, the secret stash, including some amazing ephemera!) I've got tons of ideas and examples for you to check out for inspiration! ;)

Some example pages for you to check out live!
Even more paper yumminess!
I'll also have some You-tube tutorials playing on the retro TV for even more creative ideas & inventiveness!

I've got a little ribbon stash going on here!
Two separate Gratitude Journal Workshops scheduled for Saturday, August 9th or Sunday, August 10th from 2:00-6:00. Or take both & make 2, maybe one could be for a friend you are grateful for!  I am grateful to you, so I am keeping the cost low and affordable at only $25.00 per workshop. Squeeze it a little bit of paper crafting love at Domesticraft!  The summer is still hot and it is blissfully cool here! 

Just in case you were wondering! :)
Leave a comment to get yourself on the list or email me at!  Hope to see a whole bunch of you this weekend and in the meantime, I am grateful! :)



  1. So adorable! I love these mini pages!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! They are so my fave to make! Do you make them too?