Monday, June 29, 2015

Venture Planner l Make time for ADVENTURE in your life!

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Now on to the blog post at hand!!

You probably remember me talking about my friend, Sarah, from  She is my kind of friend.  She's creative, curious and loves adventure!  I am supposed to be doing this guest blog post to help her promote her VENTURE PLANNER, which is super cool. 

"The Venture Planner is made to help you build mini-adventures into your daily life." 

There are three types of adventure prompts in the planner... daily micro-ventures, weekly ventures & monthly ventures.

My venture for the review of this planner is . . . the actual making of this planner work for me in my daily life.  It's a biggie for me, because my planner has been through so many iterations, it's not even funny. :(  I decided to end that insanity and once and for all make myself the perfect planner for me.  Some of Sarah's planner pages are simply perfect for me and the adventure she brings to it is ideal.  I super love that idea!!

I am working on a paper version of this planner to include in my MEMORY PLANNER which is part of a challenge I just finished up last Wednesday's blog post with Francine and Cara.  Go have a read if you haven't yet.  My planner is still in the works and coming along slowly, but surely!

So for this blog post, I am going digital!!  For this particular page that Sarah designed, I am going to shrink it down to a 3"x 5" index card size. 

This page will go in the practically perfect planner "body" that I made in another challenge with Cara back in February!  That one was super fun too!  This is my go-to planner that carry with me in my purse.  

To print the cards I just made up a template in Publisher (old school, I know) with the planner page shrunk to as many 3" x 5" cards that will fit on an 8 1/2" x 11" paper and then I print that out in draft so as not to waste ink.  Then I tape my index cards directly to the pre-printed sheet using washi tape.  I use the washi tape because it removes so easily without tearing the paper and I can reuse it many times!


Below is the approximate size of the Venture Planner I will be using for my desktop. (It looks like Sarah's planner is having an adventure already!)  I love how these look and I'm so going to make some of Cara's "cakedori" planners too, maybe a 100 or so!  (I'm serious!) I'm pretty sure I'll use these pages, as is, with no tweaking.  Sarah's designs are very well thought out.


Below is another version of the above pages.  This one is directly from Sarah's planner and as you can see, she knows what she's doing!!  Her style and sense of adventure are just what my planners need!  Oh, did you notice the stickers?  Sarah writes on her "Venture Planner Page"

"Print & cut out your own stickers including adventure prompts & watercolor illustrations to decorate your planner."

Ummmmm . . . yes, please!

My Memory Planner , desk top version will be made from a composition book I picked up on clearance at Target a couple of years ago for 10 cents . . . actually I picked up about 100 of them!  I  think the 1/2 page size should work well for me.

I will be doing another blog post or two or three, letting you know how my adventure in perfecting my planner for me is coming along.  Thanks again, Cara, for all your inspiration and thank you Sarah for your help with not just "planning" but seeing the adventure in it!

So guys, go check out Sarah's Venture Planner and make time for adventure in your life too!  Maybe we can work on some adventures together!

My friend, Richelle, says "This is an adorable little planner and a great way to add a little adventure to your life!"  Richelle and I are collaborating on a super fun adventure coming in July, so stay tuned ladies . . . it's going to be Amazing!

To adventure!



  1. I love your little planner Nancy and how you just shrunk down the pages and did it your way. So cuper cute!

    1. Hi, Dana!!

      Thanks, girl!! I love how Sarah gave lots of size choices and it was really no biggie to adjust t to the sizes I needed! I'm really loving it as part of my memory planner! :)


  2. Oh Nancy...I love your planner! I just recently began my planner addiction and am searching for my "Planner Peace". For this month, I'm currently using a little travelers notebook style I created. Hoping I'm a step closer to what works best for me. I think it's always going to be a work in progress. :)

    1. Hi, Michelle!

      Thanks so much, girl!! I am so feeling you about it always being a work in progress! I totally agree. Just like life. But it doesn't mean we have to be an unorganized mess in the meantime! That's what I'm done dealing with!