Thursday, March 27, 2014

Domesticraft Grand Opening Open House

Wow,  I am so excited!  As my husband would say . . . I am dancing on the ceiling!  First of all, a HUGE, warm welcome to all of you ladies.  My name is Nancy, the head maker & shaker of this blog and my brand new biz, Domesticraft.  I've made up 4 infographics (they were part of the invitation packet given to select local peeps) to tell you more about myself & biz.  This has been my dream and goal for a long time and finally, it is almost here.  Yay! 

Of course, being a creative and a type A, the mindset that everything has to be perfect before the public can see it, has slowed me down.  For way too long.  So, the cupboard that holds my collection of vintage linens is not painted white yet.  The vintage doilies that I am stitching to the velour rocker chairs in front of the fireplace are just barely tacked on.  All the sewing cabinets don't have a fresh new color, not to mention they could probably use a tune-up as well.  And, oh my, all the craft work chairs don't have new cute covers for the cushions yet.  The list is long in my head.  Boo & hoo, right?  

Everything will always be a  work in progress.  I am a WIP (work in progress).  I am a creative and am now embracing 100% that if I am a WIP, that means I am growing and learning and always creating.  So yeah, craft happy ladies . . . Domesticraft is open for business.  Bring it. 


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