Sunday, July 6, 2014

Farmer's Market Adventure

I do so love the farmer's market!  Anywhere, big or small, foreign or domestic.  The people are friendly and interesting.  The produce is amazing.  The flower displays beat any fireworks show in my book! And the prices are incredibly reasonable!  This post is going to be a bit photo heavy . . . a feast for your eyes!
These gorgeous flowers are from Herrs Family Farm

Same vendor . . . aren't they superb?  The owner was super nice & her prices ranged from $10-$15.  Amazing, I know!

This is a shot from an earlier Farmer's Market . . . not super fresh, but pretty nonetheless, right?  That grape is actually from Freddies, weird looking, like it was trying to be a squash or something.

This is a dish I had with dinner. The marionberries were the star.

The marionberries:  Act 2  (there was no Act 3 for these lovely berries, I ate them) They got rave reviews!

The Pie Man . . . and yes, he was humble.  Very gracious gentleman.  My photo doesn't do justice to his pies, they looked so awesome, like my Aunt Donna used to make them.  (She was the best pie baker I ever knew.)

I love their sign!  And look at those clouds & the ones in the pie photo!  So pretty, almost like they were photoshopped. (no, they most certainly were not!)

Row after row of beautiful golden local honey.  Yes, I'll take one of each, thank you.  (I wish)

Aren't these delightful?

Here's a shot with their sign.  Planters N' Such.  ♡  Can you believe those prices?  Sweet!
Okay guys, that's it.  Hope you enjoyed my trip to the farmer's market as much as I did.  Tell me about your favorite delight at the farmer's market.  What would you buy if you could only purchase 1 item?  I obviously couldn't decide, not easily anyway.  Probably the flowers, I am a sucker for fresh flowers. (and the marionberries) How about you?  Okay, pick 2 items, then. :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much, Anonymous! I hope you come back to visit again. :)

  2. That pie is all I'll be dreaming about tonight!

    1. It did look seriously delish. I do love the farmer's market.

  3. That honey looks so inviting! The pies, the flowers so beautiful. I love it,would have loved to be there.

  4. Sis, It is so fun! Boy, do I love me some fresh flowers and produce and honey! So many wonders of Allah, ya know? Where do you live? Thanks for stopping by!