Monday, June 16, 2014

Five Reasons to Love Mason Jars.

Domesticraft's Kitchen Window Shelf with Flowers from the Down the Lane.
I was going to make the title "Five Reasons I Love Mason Jars", but I thought maybe you, the reader, really wouldn't care about my particular fascination with mason jars, and besides, my last post was about why I love globes.  And I don't like to be redundant, unless it's necessary.  But truth is, these five reasons are really why I LOVE mason jars . . . . because:
Domesticraft's Mini Bakery of Polymer Clay Cakes
1.  I heard it was Mason Jar Monday on the w.w.w.
2.  I didn't do any research further than that.
3.  #2 is a lie . . . I looked at about 1,256 cool pics on Pinterest.
4.  I didn't document any of that "research". 
5.  Because it's my blog and I get to write whatever I want.

Vintage Suitcasse Full of Mason Jar Goodness.
So here are my five reasons:  

1.  They hold stuff.  
2.  And I like stuff.  
3.  And you can see the stuff.
  4.  And it makes the stuff look pretty.
5.  And looking at my stuff looking cute and inspiring, makes me smile.   

That's it!  Short and sweet.  Didn't think I could do it, eh? Let me know what you do with yours?  I mean, they didn't make Monday for mason jars for nothing, right?  That's what  I thought.  Enjoy.
Sewing Accessories are Perfect for Mason Jars.

Games Pieces, Bingo Markers to be Exact, Vintage Buttons, Drink Umbrellas & a Cute Washi Tape Bunting.

Vintage Games Pieces, Vintage Books & Cameras


  1. Nancy, I just love what you do with mason jars. These are awesome pics.

    1. Thank you, David. I am a professional photographer, ya know? ;)

  2. Very nice pics Fancy Nancy I love them <3

    1. Hey, Twinkie!

      So nice to see you! ♡ I knew you would love these! Thanks for stopping in! You are always welcome here! :)

      Craft Happy!