Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hello World! Five Things I Love About Globes.

Hello Blog World!  I feel like I would like to get to know you better and welcome you to my little crafty corner.  Today I am going to share with you my fascination with globes. 

That's me @ domesticraft in Gresham, Oregon . . . a delightful little burb of Portland.

These are the top five things I love about globes.

1.  They remind me of kindergarten.  By far, my most favorite learning experience.  I remember wanting to see and do everything!  So very curious.  I think I loved it so much because everything for "big" people was sized down to little kid proportions, while still seeming like the "big" people version.  Such as the play kitchens, the art easels, the water fountains, and the cloak  room. (although I don't remember owning a cloak)  It was like walking into a place made just for kids, in which I didn't know even existed!  I still remember the awe.  It was here, in Kindergarten that I fell in love with the domestic arts and realized that creativity went way beyond mud pies and barbies.  And fortunately, I took home-ec in 7th grade . . . cooking and sewing, before puberty hit me hard and I was too stupid, I mean cool, for that kind of thing.  I eventually wised up. yay.

This lamp is in Domesticraft.  Don't the pom-poms just make it?
2. Moving on to fourth grade and Mr. Monroe.  I really liked him.  He taught a lot of geography and I am not horrible at it.  However he told my parents how amazing my handwriting was, so I concentrated really hard on making all the places I was supposed to be memorizing, look lovely when written.  To this day I write like a fourth grader.  It impresses some people.  Do they even teach cursive anymore?  Sad.

The vintage lamp I got at Goodwill for $6.99, I think. The finial is from a vintage candy dish.
3.  The colors and textures are awesome.  Any globe, any age, any style = beautiful.  (even maps, that's a whole other blog post)  Back in 7th grade (again, before hormones totally wiped out any sense I once knew) in Mr. Schwab's science class, we did one of those flour and salt dough topography maps.  That was so flippen' fun and messy!  I went on to do a lot of salt dough ornaments and the like, later in my continuing creative adventures. (again after I wised up)

Easiest project ever.  1/2 globe + clockworks = Awesome!
4.  They make you look "smart" by just having them in your home.  I may have taken that a bit far, because I actually have my doctorate in globeology* . . . I have about a 15 or so globes around the homestead and in Domesticraft.

After a Domesticraft picnic event.  I took an "accidental" nap & missed an important appointment!  It was still the best nap ever! Except for Kindergarten naps, on a mat with my own  towel that my Mom embroidered my initials on.  It was red, still my fave color.  I have my brother's towel to this day.  It's green.  Do you want it back, Don?  Too bad.
5.  You can make stuff with them and they just become even cooler.  Then, they not only make you look smart . . . they make you look cool too!  How can you not love globes??

* I made that doctorate of globeology thing up, it's just an honorary degree. ;o)

Craft happy,



  1. I love globes too! I inherited one from my great aunt - a prized possession! I have pretty atrocious hand writing, I'd love to see your cursive :) -C

  2. My cursive is fourth grade level, at best, and although this is not bad (that would be my husband's handwriting) it is not caligraphy. I think I may chalkboard paint one of them, like I've seen on Pinterest, and then have my daughter's fiance do something cool to it. He did my biz sandwhich board and it is awesome! You know what, I think I could do a blogpost on that! Thanks for the inspiration! Hope to see you back here again.