Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why I don't crochet.

This is Jenny Brown of HiJennyBrown blog and HiJennyBrown on Instagram.  She follows me on my Instagram account.  So I looked her up and here's my story. This is the comment I left on her blog regarding her tiny addiction to Instagram.  I felt a wee bit of a connection, what with my 2000 pics I've taken so far with my new Smartphone.  I told her I thought I should make this my blog post today and so I am.  Thank you Jenny.  She gets me. 


"I love your blog.  I love your crochet. I love your sense of humor. 

You would think with having a new biz opening on Friday, that is essentially just a ginormous craft room, that I would know how to crochet. I don’t. I have oodles of crochet hooks, vintage & new, metal & plastic. I have a mini library of how-to books and a crapload of yarns and threads . . . so why don’t I crochet. Because I am exhausted!  

I can’t wait till my biz opens on Friday and I can relax with all the crafty ladies and just hang out & craft or sew or scrap or maybe, just maybe someone will take pity on my sad lack of needlework skills and teach me to make a granny square. I would then be, truly . . . craft happy!

Just getting this off my chest makes me feel better, like crochet therapy. I think I should make this comment my blog post for tomorrow. I’m going to bed now. Thank you for the inspiration from your blog post to mine. Nancy from Domesticraft

I feel better.  Here is some crochet therapy for you.


  1. Even better the second time around :) Love the crochet (and definitely want to make a replica of that ripple blanket). Thank you for all he kind words - the feeling is mutual!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. That was quite a fun little adventure in blogging connections! Domesticraft Open Studio starts in about 19 hours & I am surprisingly calm. In fact, I am just excited now . . . no nerves really. Just another adventure in the making, right?

      P.S. How did you do your super cute animation of you speaking in "crochet"?

    2. I'm sorry for the late response! Moving has me so discombobulated. My friend is a photographer and took (literally) 800 pics so we could get a headshot. If you upload photos to Google+ , it will make gifs of some automatically (especially if you have a lot of similar photos).