Saturday, June 7, 2014

One Week To Go and Domesticraft Is Open For Summer!


The summer season of crafting officially begins June 13th!   
It's going to be FREE!
(Yep, you heard right!)
(I know . . . amazing, eh?)
Come on in and spend the day crafting or sewing or knitting. . . whatever's your thing!
  Bring your WIPs (works in progress) or start a new project.  Carry along your favorite go-to tools, but rest assured I've got a huge selection of tools and equipment for your use. 
 I'll get a detailed list posted as quickly as I can. :) 

Scroll all the way to the end of the post for an extra large copy of this graphic. (on my laptop, it doesn't get big enough to read, so just in case it's doing that on yours too.)
There will be drawings and random giveaways & lots of surprises! 
As I mentioned on my Facebook page, this is going to be total social media blitz!  I'm going to be watching to see who likes, shares, comments and follows and overall just wants to be my crafty bff.  :)
** There will be special goodies for you special peeps! **

Thanks, thanks & thank you so much for getting the word out!
Creatives Rock!
A cozy spot to knit, crochet or chill.
I am so looking forward to this Open Studio crafternoon going nonstop till the midnight hour!  Crafting, chatting, chillin' . . . all flippin' day & night . . . yeah I'm doing cartwheels!  Oh, and don't forget to ask me any questions!  I love to talk about crafting almost as much as the crafting itself!

Here are your links to craftiness bliss:

Crafty bonus pics:  2 shots of my random "a big pile of craft" messes.  I'm going to be tidying up big time this week getting ready for your visit to Domesticraft, but don't expect Better Homes & Garden though   . . . gotta still keep it real, right?

Craft happy,

p.s. Remember to keep checking in and letting me know that you are.  (I am not known as Nancy the Nag for nothing! Just letting you know what's good for you!  Do I sound like a Grandma, or what?)
Even craft messes are cute!  Eventually they have to get cleaned up though.
I could tell you every project I was working on in this tray.  It's like I SPY.


  1. Me! Meee! I'm your bestest BFF lol ;-)
    Seriously,I am madly in love and drooling over all these pictures-so wish the ocean wasn't as big so I could come to your open studio-think you would have to remove me with a crowbar! Sadly I will have to view it from afar here in England. Right,off to stalk more of your blog :-D
    Lou x

    1. Hi Lou, You know, I could use a bff in England. I pick you! Thanks for your delightful comment. I am so pleased you like the photos. I just got a new smart phone and I can't stop taking pics! So fun! If you want, at the top of the blog there is a spot where you can subscribe to get updates on my blog and I can gaurantee there will be lots of crafty eye candy! TTFN . . . new bff. : )