Monday, May 26, 2014

. . . . and The Crafty goes to . . . . Domesticraft! ;)

Now wouldn't that be cool?  I'm spending my day taking pics and uploading them to The Craftys contest.  The deadline is today! Yikes, why do I do this to myself?  Just like the Mason Jar contest, (which will be voted on the 30th of May), I get it in just under the wire.  Deadlines must amuse me. 

Here are some sneak previews of what I am entering.  Also, there are categories for best crafty blog and best crafty curated Pinterest Board(s) as well.  So I am giving those a shot too.  Go check out the site for real though, there are some amazing entries!  (Oh, and vote . . . . . a lot!)

I love this loveseat!
I made this from assorted doilies stitched to a lamp shade skeleton.
The lamp was from Goodwill.  I like the combination.