Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I did it! World Label Mason Jar Contest!

Wow, talk about just making it under the wire!  The deadline for this cool contest was midnight of last night, May 12.

All in all, I was pretty pleased with the outcome. . . . except the pics.  I didn't hate them, they just weren't as good as they could have been.  Shooting them in a rush at 11:40 pm and then uploading them with no time to do any special lighting or shoot many shots.  Can you feel the clock ticking? tic toc tic toc.  I think I many have started to laugh a little maniacally at this point. (just a tad bit ;o)  At 11:56, I hit the send button and whew, I was done.  It would sure be cool to win the Macbook Pro.  My granddaughter said I should give it to her if I win.  Ummmmm. . . . no.

I'm going to take some more photos today out in the yard, just to practice my photography and see if I can do a bit better job.  I'll share them in my next post.   I hate not having a good picture fot all that mason jar love..

This was sure a fun project to experiment with.  I think I'm  going to enter more of these types of contests over the summer.  It's definitely a good way to get out of my  box and try new things. 

Anybody know of some good contests/challenges you think I'd might like to have a go at?  Let me know.  Better yet, come over and show me!  I'll put the coffee on.

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