Saturday, May 10, 2014


Wow!  What a great first week + for my new biz!  Whoot!  I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the support and kind words!  You guys rock! 

But you know,  I may have bitten off just a tad more than I can chew and I don't feel I am giving my all to my customers.  Kinda like I put the cart before the horse.  I was just so excited to get open, I  couldn't wait any longer!

I need to stop thinking I am Wonder Woman and that I can do everything with my super crafty powers.  (Do you guys do that?)  True, I am very crafty ;o) but I need to prioritize a bit better and  reorganize Domesticraft's schedule for May to serve you all better.  I hope you understand and it doesn't inconvenience any of you to much.

So starting today, (for those I haven't told yet), May 10th, Saturday,  I am going take the rest of the MAY SCHEDULE and turn it into an OPEN STUDIO MONTH, excluding Mondays (days off) and the 28th (taking hubs to the airport) and the weekend of the 31st & June 1, which is Domesticraft Weekend:  Scrapbooking Edition (some spots still available :o)

Open Studio is $5/hour with a one hour minimum. Time after that is calculated in 15 minute increments.  I offer 3 ways for you to signup for Domesticraft's Open Studio. You can register by dropping me an email at, call me at (503) 267-0530, or come visit the studio. Visa, MasterCard, debit, PayPal, cash or check.

I think it will give more of you a chance to come in and check out Domesticraft, do some serious catching up on your projects and avail yourself of all that Domesticraft has to offer.  Please keep sharing your ideas with me, cause I'm always  looking for creative input. ;o)

This way, I am still OPEN for biz and while you guys are crafting and scrapping, sewing and stitching, I can get even "readier" for an awesome Domesticraft Summer, while still being able to share a cup of coffee and a plate of cookies, nuff chat and a big pile of craft!

Thanks again too all of you, especially Amber at Craft Warehouse and everyone else who liked, commented and shared and told all your crafty, scrappy girlfriends.  I will make sure I put extra sprinkles on your cookies!



  1. This sounds fun! I wanted to do something like this before. I am curious how your month went? Hope everything went well!


    1. Hi Elizabeth, What a month! I'm going to call it an amazing learning experience. I learned there are so many amazing ladies out there and I learned that I may have bitten off more than I could chew. So I scaled back and got a better handle on the "biz" part, (cause I'm always ready to craft, certainly don't need to get ready for that!) and ramped up my social media. Today I was going to concentrate a bit on the blog & whoot . . . there was your comment! So, I am ready to go again with a re-opening on 6.13.14, Friday. Thanks for making my day and giving me a motivation boost! Stay turned & thank you for taking the time to make a sweet comment on my blog!