Friday, April 11, 2014

Domesticraft Workshop Update

Here is a list of prospective workshops coming up in May that I have already posted in my Big Cartel shop   Here's my spiel. :o)

Workshops for May 2014

Handmade, Imperfect, Beautiful

That’s how I roll at Domesticraft.  I am a maker who loves to try all kinds of crafts.  My main besties are papercrafts, sewing and diy.  I see something cute or cool and think, I can make that.  This is a prospective list of workshops that will be offering in May.  I’ve doubled up on a few workshops cause I think they will be super popular and are some of my favorites too!  Workshop fees for this month will be simple.  For my Grand Opening Month of May,  workshops will be introductory priced @ either $25.00 or $45.00, be 3 hours long AND  will include all materials & tools needed to complete your awesome projects.  Oh, and fresh brewed coffee, tea & bottled water AND my fresh baked cookies . . . . . . . . . . all complimentary!  Got any questions?  I can’t wait!  

1. DIY Wire Basket w/tag
2. Fabric, Paper & Yarn Flowers
3. Beginning Embroidery
4. Project Life & DIY Journal Cards
5. Project Life & DIY Journal Cards
6. Scrapbook Embellishments
7. Scrapbook Embellishments
8. DIY fabric tape & “washi tape
9. Tags, tags & more tags
10. DIY journal cards/spots with ephemera & stitching
11. DIY journal cards/spots with ephemera & stitching
12. Creative wrapping & packaging 101
13. mini junk/smash journal
14. mini junk/smash journal
15. Tin Cans recycled
16. Scrabble Tile Craftiness
17. Vintage Map/Atlas Craftings
18. DIY Vintage China Dessert Stands & decoupage clear plates
19. DIY Vintage Bed Sheeting Buntings & Giant T-Shirt Pom-Poms
20. DIY domino magnets
21. Reusable T-shirt Shopping & Produce Bags
22. Cute-ify your laptop keyboard  with washi tape & contact paper “skins” & silhouettes
23. ?
24. ?

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