Monday, June 1, 2015

Bonafide Boss Lady Instagram Challenge June 2015

Instagram Photo-a-day Challenge.
All of June | One week at a time.

Use the hashtag:  #bonafidebosslady
and tag: @domesticraft and @dapoppins

Bonafide Boss Lady is an exciting and unique, like you, Photo-a-day challenge.  This informative and interactive concept is meant to truly challenge you AND inspire you!

bo·na fide
ˌbōnə ˈfīdē/
adjective: bonafide
1. authentic; genuine; real; true; actual; valid; legit.

To join in, just respond to the challenge in any form that works best for you.

1.  You can take a photo & post it in the usual way.
2.  You can write or type your response & take a photo or screenshot.
3.  You could make or repost or screenshot a quote giving credit and/or a tag.
4.  You could post a photo of a flower or something cute or inspiring and leave your response in the comments.
Join in any time and as often as you can!  Have you got more than one tip, idea or thought?  We'd love to hear them!  By the end of the month we should have an encouraging collection of actionable ideas and motivational tips to draw on!  From Bonafide Boss Ladies just like you!!


Every Sunday we will post the following weeks prompts.

Every Monday during the challenge, both Dana and I will be doing a recap of the previous week by sharing some of your photos, tips and strategies.  We will each pick one Bonafide Boss Lady to spotlight and will feature her and her biz and share on our social media platforms such as:

this is the link to the Bonafide Boss Lady Infographic!
( ) 

Here is a list of Dana's social media stuff!

PLEASE SHARE with as many Bonafide Boss Ladies as you can!  Or wannabes!  Let's share our knowledge and spread the happy!

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