Friday, August 7, 2015

Running a Creative Biz and 5 Steps to Make it Happen!

The other day I wrote an update about my biz on Instagram.   It got rather lengthy, but you know how I get when I'm on a roll!

So I'm just going to add more photos and a couple of more biz tips and call it a blog post!  So very clevery, huh? :)

Here are 5 steps that pretty much sum up how I try to run my biz.  Am I an expert?  Nope.  Am I rolling in the dough?  Not yet!  Do I enjoy building my biz?  Very much so! (most of the time)  Am I pleased with my progress?  You betcha!  Do I have a lot more to do learn?  Of course!  Am I happy?  YES!  =Very happy and very grateful.  And I'm having the time of my life! 

1.  Soak up knowledge.   Become an expert. Then share it and give it away and help other people.  A bunch!

2.  Make deliberate and thoughtful choices.  Make a plan.  Hang around smart people.  Be flexible.  A bunch!

3.  Experiment a lot & compare little.  Don't judge others either.  And be kind to yourself.  A bunch!

4.  Put yourself out there.  It's not as scary as we think.  It's a MUST and it must be "you".  Your people, tribe, buds, whatever you will call them will like YOU!   A bunch!

5.   Enjoy the process.  Seriously,  what's the point otherwise.  Plus you'll make more $! Choose happiness.  A bunch!  Period.

Very simple.  I like simple.  Yes, I know it's more than five, but it remains simple.

Okay, onto the big news!  I've got so much to share with you all, I don't know how I don't burst with the excitement of it all!  I'll give you my first big news now with plenty more to come! :)

  By popular demand, (and I thank you so much for your encouragement)  I am moving up the opening of . . .  
Domesticraft's Insta-Styled Stock Library Membership Site!

  It was scheduled to open in October, but you guys said you can't wait!  Okay then!  August soon enough for you!  I'll keep you posted as the date gets closer.  Maybe I'll have another party!! ♡

Here are a few of the highlights of becoming a member:

●  Killer Affordable Membership Rates:   
monthly•quarterly•half yearly•annually

●  Insta-styled Stock Photography

●  Creative & totally UN-stock images

●  Unlimited downloads

●  Instant Access

●  Over 1000 images to choose from.

●  50 new images added twice a month.

●  Easy peasy terms of use.  No lawyer needed!

●  Lots of FREEBIES including . . . ideas for use • tutorials • mini-classes adding text or your images & so much more!

●  The secret sauce that is going to make your creative biz, blog, website and social media platforms SPARKLE and SHINE like you always envisioned!

So, if you you've read this far, I've got a treat for you!  If you go over to my blog (link in bio) and hop on my mailing list, I will send you a FREE Teeny Tiny Mini- Banner Tutorial PDF. (It's super cute!) AND a 20% discount coupon on your Domesticraft's membership library purchase!  (Folks on my list already will, of course, get the awesome bonuses too!)

All plans are included in this great bonus! I'm not going to put a limit on how many peeps can get these bonuses either . . . I want you all to have a share!!

That's all for this post.  Lots more fun and exciting news still to come!  Thanks again everybody for your amazing support!   Wait, just one more thing!.

I want to help you even more!  In the comments below, let me know what kind of images would you would like see included in Domesticraft's Insta-Styled Stock Photography Library? 

What could help take your biz to the next level?  Help me . . . help you! :)


  1. Yay, can't wait! Chanting: open, open, open (the image shop that is!). Xoxo, jen

  2. Hi, Jen!

    Working, working, working! Thanks for the encouragement, girl! ♡


  3. I am looking forward to your next blog post!!! I would like to see more miniature cuteness. We make dolls around here and seeing more of your fun miniatures with fun texts would be wonderful <3 Also we are fashion designers Sew, we would love to see more of your graphics that are positive, sparkly and fun! Your pics are like eye and heart candy. We can hardly wait for the membership loveleeness:)

    1. Salaams, Sajatha!

      I'm am writing up a blog post today updating everyone with what's been happening. I so appreciate letting me know more of what you would like to see, I'll for sure keep it in mind! Thanks, my dear, for all of your lovely encouragement and support!