Friday, April 25, 2014

Domesticraft's May Grand Opening Schedule!

Handmade, Imperfect, Beautiful. That’s how I roll at Domesticraft. I am a maker who loves to try all kinds of crafts. Workshop fees for this month will be simple. For my Grand Opening Month of May, workshops will be introductory priced @ either $25.00 or $45.00, will be from 2-4 hours long (mostly 3) AND will include all materials & tools needed to complete your awesome projects. Oh, and fresh brewed coffee, tea & bottled water AND my fresh baked cookies, all complimentary!
Whew!  Finally, right?  The much awaited and long anticipated for Domesticraft's calendar for May!  I am so excited to dig into this coming month.  Craft, Scrap, Sew, Needlework & and lots of DIY in store for you guys.  You can click here to go to Domesticraft's Pinterest account to see a larger view and check out some more cool stuff .  I am going to be posting the descriptions of each workshop on Pinterest, as well.
Got any questions, feel free to shoot me an email, comment on my blog, go to facebook or even pinterest and leave me a message.  And, once again,  thanks for all your support!

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