Sunday, April 27, 2014

Reminder: Domesticraft Weekend - Scrapbooking Edition

Hi Guys,  Just a friendly reminder.  I am posting a reminder for the All Day Bliss Event and I am also going to post a list of FAQ's,both here on the blog and on my Big Cartel Shop.  Click on the shop link or this faq link.

Domesticraft Weekend - Scrapbooking Edition
If you are looking for a different kind of scrapbooking or paper crafts retreat experience, an event that is more of a studio boutique atmosphere rather than a big box hotel. Domesticraft might just be your cup of tea.  It is a lovely alternative to the big, crowded, noisy  box hotel type of crop and scrapbooking event or even the more upscale venues.    Don’t get me wrong, those are super fun and entertaining and  perfectly fine.  But sometimes you might want a smaller venue, a more intimate space.  A space with an ambiance that is creative and inspiring.  I love all the space of the big tables at the huge scrap and crop retreats offer, but having all of my scrap tools & supplies stuffed & shoved  into this little piece of scrapbooking real estate, well it kinda sucks the creativity right outa me.  From what my scrapping friends tell me, it bugs them too.
This is just one of the tables, lots more!
Makes me smile!
 The first  Domesticraft Weekend - Scrapbooking Edition will have spots available for only 12 women.  We are  a large (2300 sq. ft.), yet cozy, craft, sewing and stitch studio.  I’ll be premiering these events in May, National Scrapbook Month.  I realize it is kind of short notice, but I couldn’t wait, I am open now and ready to rock!  The first one is scheduled for May 17th -18.  Each day will begin at 12:00 noon and wind down with a happy sigh at midnight.  I wish I was able to accommodate you overnight, but I used up all my available room for my craft happy studio. :o( . . .maybe in the future?  (There are some lovely and reasonably priced hotels nearby)  There is a second one scheduled for the last weekend in May and the first day of June, May 31-June 1.  Domesticraft Weekend - Weekend Edition will run $160.00 per person for the entire weekend.  Most of the usual perks you’ve come to expect from these events will be included and so much more.  It will be like an awesome family reunion, without the kids and guys, just you and all your besties that love to scrap.  And me.  My name is Nancy, and I am the chief maker and shaker of Domesticraft.  It is my honor and privilege to open my craft studio to you ladies and I am almost beside myself with excitement to show you the best crafty scrap retreat indulgence that I can.  I’m pulling out all the stops for these events since it is my debut (and that’s just how I roll anyway) and I’ve kept your cost at an  low introductory price without sacrificing any value to you.  I think you will be well pleased and go home craft happy! 
A collection of baker's twine & small spool ribbon.

Some vintage atlases, a cool old scale & some travel themed washi tape.

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