Monday, May 4, 2015

My toughest time management problem . . . ME!

Time management.  Whew, just saying it sometimes makes me feel so guilty.  I know I don't manage my time as well as I could, not by a long shot.  It's not that I don't want to, or even that I don't know how, it's just . . . WHAT?  Excuses.  Nuff excuses.  I'm made the graphic above as a reminder to myself to cut the crap.

It's not been a big enough pain point for me.  It is now.  I am really sick of it!  Sick and tired of not managing my time like I should.  Letting time control me!  So not cool.

My dream job is on the line!  I created it and now it's up to me to work it!  And work it LIKE A BOSS!  The Stockpot Photographer is a styled stock photography biz and includes stock and custom social media art graphics available for creatives and their blogs, businesses and social media platforms.  

These three photos are an example of what some of my stuff looks like!  You can see a lot of it here on my blog and also my Instagram account and both my Nancy Gaines facebook and Domesticraft facebook accounts and even Pinterest!

So, I am doing this blog party given by Sage Grayson, who is a "Life Editor" and time management babe!  Here is a quote from her blog.  "I’m crazy excited to be able to share my time management expertise with ambitious women who are ready to finally start their own businesses."  She really is a dynamo!  The course she is running looks awesome!  It's called "Start up in 60" and I know it will be packed with so much goodness and brains and help and did I mention, lots of smarts?  

Plus she is as cute as a button and full of energy and spunk and a super sweet disposition! I like her a bunch!  Here's what her adorableness looks like!

I've not taken the course yet, but it is totally on my radar AND she offers TONS of  super valuable free "Sage" advice on her blog!  Much of which I am going to pull from in these next couple of weeks before I launch The Stockpot Photographer!  A lot!  

Did I mention I am opening in mid May?  Yes, Sage, throw some TMT's (time management tips) all over me like glitter and confetti!  

I am going to do this blog post in a three part series.  

Day 1, today Monday the 4th, I intro you to Sage and confess how I suck at time management.

Day 2, Tuesday the 5th, I follow grown up rules for peeps who want to run a successful biz.  Some from Sage, some from my hubs, some from others.  Some stuff I know already too, I just need to implement it.  NO EXCUSES!

Day 3, Wednesday, the 6th, I will follow through with keeping on track and In sha Allah (God willing) I will have good news to report to you! :)!

So now I want to give something to you!  For holding my hand, during this true "responsible adult" time for me, I am going to have another giveaway!  Woot!  Man, I am a sucker for a giveaway . . . love to give 'em, love to win 'em too!

This one will be for a custom social media art graphic just for you.  You decide on what you want me to put on it . . . maybe something cool for your Mom?  Just sayin'.  If you have any questions, just holler!  Comment below to be entered to win!  Tell me what your favorite time management tip is anything you want relating to this blog post!

So, I'll see you tomorrow and I will totally be thinking about you, knowing you are rooting this old gal on!!  Share it on social media as much as you have time for.  Thanks, ladies!!



  1. This sounds like an awesome class. I'm gonna need a grant or a scholarship though - Someday my goal is to NOT say things like that and just be able to pullout a credit card and go "cha'ching!" My big challenge is sleep. When I don't' sleep, it messes up the whole day. I keep waiting for the energy to do stuff.

  2. Thanks for joining the Blog Party, Nancy! You're certainly a dynamo too. :) And you're right, we're often the cause of our own time management problems. Best advice--just do it!

  3. I love the top graphic. I need that poster sized to hang where I will see it first thing in the morning! Great article for a kick in the pants!

  4. Hahahaha well you already know MY favorite time management tip....but another favorite is to get enough sleep so that you know what day it is. o.O :P