Monday, September 28, 2015

Project S.T.I.R. Storytelling Through International Recipes with Sarah Shotts

Mom's Vintage "Food Processor"
I pulled this statement right off of Sarah's website.  It pretty much sums up what Project STIR is about.

"The heart of Project STIR is the story of how food can bring us together.

Everyone has a family recipe story. (Even if your story is that you don’t have one.)"

Project image

Isn't she just the loveliest?  I really adore this project!  It has refreshed my recollection of so many good food, kitchen and family related memories, including the smells, warm thoughts and the loving feelings that go hand in hand with those memories.  And the gadgets!  Oh, how I LOVE the vintage gadgets and all the super cool and totally in vogue vintage kitchen stuff from my growing up years.  *Swoon*

I have a story to tell about this cool looking grinder you see hear in the photos.  But first I want to chat about Sarah and neat Project STIR Kickstarter Campaign!

Check out her lovely video.  It makes me tear up every time I watch it, it is just so sweet.

Sarah continues . . .  

"We each have our own memories tied to food… The healing properties of Mamaw’s chicken and rice. Standing on the kitchen stool to help make cranberry relish for Thanksgiving. Licking the beaters at Nonnie’s house after making cake.  
Revisiting a cherished family recipe can be as powerful as stepping into a time machine.
Your recipe may be a curry or a gumbo or a tortilla depending on where you are in the world, but there is a universal language of love in the family kitchen. It’s that warm, lovely feeling that’s sparked Project STIR."

Sarah launched on September 24, just this past Thursday and she has already hit 10% of her target goal.  Wooooooooot!  I'm so excited!

Now, you know I don't ask you guys much. Except to leave me lovely comments full of ooooos and ahhhhhs.  And you do that wonderfully and you know I love you all!  

"But,I am going to ask you something today."

Can you please see what you can do to help Sarah and her full of love Project STIR out?  If you are not in a position financially, and even if you are, could you spread it around the internet?  Share it far and wide?  Tell your own family about it.  I know a lot of you are going to fall in love with this endeavor!

Go over to Sarah's website and check it out in further detail.  In fact, scope out her blog while you are there.  This lady is all about adventure.  

"Everyday, living life, adventures." 

I'm telling you, she is quite inspiring!

Thanks guys. Any help you can offer would be a blessing.  

Now, jump down to my little story that ties me to Sarah and Project Stir with proverbial apron strings! ;)

This is a vintage crank grinder, slicer, shredder, thingy that belonged to my Mom.  She died 5 years ago on the 5th of this past August.  I miss her dearly and it really felt so good to write about this lovely memory.  I hope you enjoy it too!

I remember one summer, I was probably about 35 and was over to her house for a visit.  She lived in the same town that I was born in, Bend, Oregon and it was pretty dinky.  We were searching all over town for a couple of little replacement suction cups to go on the bottom of this old fashioned food processor.

My memories now of the experience is how long it took to complete this task, as this was before Home Depot, Lowes, etc..  They didn't come till way later than average, since this was a pretty tiny town.  
And of course, no internet, which would have accomplished the undertaking in no time flat. But, instead in turned into a lovely adventure, going from the hardware store to the five and dime. 
Finally, after hours of fruitless searching, an old guy at the last hardware store we went to, said he could have some custom made.  He told us it would take a few days and that he would call when they were ready.  We were thrilled!  

I smile now, because I can picture myself doing this seemingly mundane task in a nano-second nowadays.  And if I couldn't, I would be like . . . seriously, are you kidding me?  It's a suction cup, for crying out loud!

But, back then it was a slower time. Don't get me wrong, I love technology and how we can get what we need and what we need done, so quickly!  Yet still, I wonder what we are missing and if the cost of that loss is too high sometimes.

That's why I love Project Stir so much. I would like to say we went home and bonded while cooking something yummy in the kitchen, but my Mom was a full time, plus, working gal  That made Kraft Mac & Cheese and the like standard fare . . . except for special occasions.  

I'm fortunate enough to have some of those recipes and I treasure them.  A lot.

Now, back to the story.  We ended up going out to lunch at a Chinese buffet and we talked and laughed and patted ourselves on the back for a job well done!  
I don't have any real cooking stories to share about me and my Mom, unless you count making popcorn.  I have the burn scars to prove it! Totally before the air popper!  So, even though this wasn't about cooking with my mom, it is  or microwave ovens.  Those kind of popcorn burns are sissy burns.  I'm talking 3rd degree, juicy blister burns!  I can  show you the scars!  Honor burns.  Stupid but proud. ;)

This story is such a wonderful food related memory for me.  Which lead to many other memories and happy, and now sweet reminiscent tears are slowly rolling down my cheeks.  And I'm smiling.  
Thank you, Sarah, I really, really love this project!

Thanks for stopping by again, guys and thanks for your help and look out for that GIVEAWAY tomorrow as I am running a little behind schedule today!  Sorry!  Let me know if there is anything you need help with too!  Big love!


P.S.  Sarah has announced an Instagram Challenge and it looks amazing!  Just my style!  So you can bet I'm going to join up!  I am so jazzed about the one!  Check out her site for further info if you need it at Sarah's Instagram challenge


  1. I so am not kitchen savvy, sigh. I do have a "large" memory of missing Halloween, I was five years old, due to a severe case of pneumonia and guess what? my great grandma spent the entire day making scratch chicken and dumplings for me!

    1. Chicken dumplin's have healing powers!

    2. Hi Susan and Sarah!

      I'm totally craving some chicken and dumplings now!

      I think I am due for a cooking adventure with Zami and this should be the dish! Perfect! I'll have to check and see if my cuz has my Aunt Donna's recipe! Thanks, guys!


  2. I love, love, love this Nancy! Thanks so much for sharing your Project STIR story. :)

    1. Hi, Sarah!

      Thanks so much! It's such a pleasure being a part of Project Stir! Thanks for asking me to join in your adventure! ;)


  3. What a sweet story of looking for those suction cups Nancy! Sounds like you had a moment to both really enjoyed. I so blessed that you posted this. I will go over and check out Project stir now.

    1. Hi, Dana!

      It really was a great day, it made such an awesome memory!

      Project Stir is really cool. I think you would really enjoy it!


  4. Love this!!! Already made a donation... Hope it helps! Love this idea. What a beautiful way to unite us. ❤️

  5. You are awesome, Shauna! ♡ x 100!!!