Wednesday, November 4, 2015

5 things you might not know about me + Studio Tour

Head colds can sometimes be quite useful.  It seems when I have a head cold, I can focus on a task much easier.  Mainly, because I can't think past that one thing, which I am finding very helpful.  

With a clear head, my brain wants to multi-task crap out of stuff and as we all know, this isn't the most effective way to be productive!  

Conversely, it seems to shut down my "idea maker" and the ability to think beyond one short paragraph.  Then I have to reboot my brain. I would like to have the head cold results without the head cold symptoms for at least one day a week.  Any mad scientists out there??

So the blog post I was going to write today changed about 5 different times, because of the above reasons.  I was even going to use a guest blog post I did earlier this summer, but I liked it too much and wanted to add some new stuff to it and blah, blah, blah . . . .  this paragraph is apparently done. ;)

Instead this is what I came up with. A blog post titled "5 things you might not know about me."  I am using this for all of my social media posts today with regard to The Heart of Gratitude Journey!  If you are not in the private Facebook group yet, I would encourage you to join up right away at Gratitude Girl's Cheer League (That just puts me in a good mood saying that!  Dana thought of the name for the group and I think it's perfect!)  I hope you enjoy this post and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share it.  Here goes.  10 5 short, head cold sized paragraphs! ;)

Oh, and these photos are the latest to be put on the shelves of Domesticraft's Insta-Styled Stock Library!  These are photos of my living room/craft/sewing/photography studio.  They were shot with the Instagram app as usual and then I put a filter called "Earlybird" on them.  I love the effect!  I hope you do too!


1.  I have 25 vintage suitcases, 37 assorted baskets,boxes & vintage jewelry boxes and 2 vintage sewing machines in their cabinets.  All set up and displayed in my living room/craft/sewing/studio/office.  Oh, and I almost forgot... 2 birdcages.♡

We downsized (about a year ago) from a humongous home/studio to a tiny home/studio by about 90% and these are what I use for a lot of my storage.  My craft supplies, fabric, scrap goodies and photo props are pretty much contained in these pretty storage helpers.  

They have saved my crafty life and perhaps my marriage! ♡ They make it so my living room doesn't look like my craft/sewing/photo studio/office, even though it is.  Okay, maybe it still looks like a one, but at the same time it looks cozy and inviting and is still fully functional as a living room.  Plus, it doesn't make my hubs want to run away from home!

2.  I l♡ve mashed potatoes!  I couldn't wait to move out on my own when I turned 18, mostly so I could eat all the mashed potatos and gravy I wanted . . . even for breakfast!  And I did, for a while, until the novelty wore off.  I still love mashed potatoes, even mashed potato flakes, or the Kentucky Fried Chicken's mashed potatoes, which we all know are probably not even made with more than 10% real potatoes!  Just sayin'. ;)

3.  I never used a smart phone until about a year and a half ago.  I know . . . Dinosaur!  Not sure why I resisted them so hard.  I think it was because the screen is so much smaller than my laptop and I just didn't think that would cut it for me.

Now I run my business from it!  I am at about a 80/20 percentage, 80 from the smart phone and 20 from my laptop.  This blows my mind when I think about it!  I also have to admit it does make me feel pretty cool, I'm mean I practically carry my work with me right in my pocket!  I am totes, head over heels in L♡VE with it!

4.  I love coffee.  But I am not a connoisseur by any means.  I like the caffeine aspect, of course, but mostly I love the ritual of it.  It's the official start of my day.  Sometimes I'll only have a sip or two before it goes cold because I am so wrapped up in whatever I'm doing at the moment, but it just makes me feel good to know it's there.  I'll drink it cold, same way, mostly because I don't own a microwave and I'm too lazy too heat it up on stove top! 

5.  My husband is a tea drinker.  I hate tea.  He doesn't hate coffee, but prefers his tea.  Usually he likes my coffee breath, but sometimes I can tell he's thinking . . . ewwwwww.  He would be a coffee connoisseur if he drank it.  For now, he is just a coffee "snob" who prefers Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica.  

It could be because he is a Jamaican.  He is also a banana snob, for the same reason.  I get it.  It really annoys me sometimes, but I get it. ;)  Because they have so many amazing athletes coming out of Jamaica, he gets a little snobby about everything good that comes out of Jamaica.  Really, I get it.  To me, he is the best thing EVER♡ to come out of Jamaica!!

This post was really going to be 10, but I'm pooped and would rather hear about you now.

Would you please share 5 things about yourself?  Or even 1 or 2 would be cool too.  Pretty please?  I'll give you an extra entry in all the giveaways coming up and let me just tell you, there are some DOOZIES!!♡

Leave a comment below and I hope to see you over in the Gratitude Girl's Facebook Group, where we can share even more.  :)



  1. I love that you don't have a microwave! You're like an organization goddess! Hahaha. My friend calls me a tea snob, because I mainly like loose tea from Teavana... But I've even stopped drinking it since its not organic and you ha e to be careful how much floride is in tea. Since the govt is pumping us full of flouride, in our water in Vegas, I figured I'll cut the tea. I love old books. I could look at their tattered old covers all day. Sometimes I think I'm weird for liking them. :)
    Five things
    1. It's not feasible now but I dream of traveling tons and drawing everything I see!
    2. I have my motorcycle licence (we sold our motorcycle, wanted a diff style)
    3. I have played softball since I was 10 and through adulthood, 1 to 3 times a week at times
    4. I have been married for 20 years. We waited 10 to have children. I think I matured by a lifetime when I had them, I realized how much more there was to life besides my bubble. It made me care about other people more.
    5. I like to think about the deeper things in life and often contemplate the meaning of it and all things nature and conspiracy. I like to question... Everything. I'm spiritual, I'm Christian. I wish we could all just get along. I hate war and wish people were less destructive.

    I enjoyed your post Nancy. It was a good one! Thanks for giving us a little peak into your home :)

  2. 1. I want to visit your house :) I love the way you put it all together to look so cozy!

    2. I love coffee too, just one cup though, mine is going cold right now.

    3. I don't even know how many baskets I have.

    4. I have one vintage sewing machine, but it is in its cabinet with a felting machine on top.

    5. I can't live without ice-cream, chocolate, salad, avocados and salt. Aren't I awful? I need to go drink some kind of green or purple smoothie, I know.

    6. Stop. She said five.

    Nancy I don't know how you live without a microwave... oh yes I do, you are an excellent cook, I'm sure!

  3. Five things...
    1. I enjoy both coffee and tea ❤️
    2. Do you want to go to the Farmer's Market? YES! There is something wonderful about shopping/browsing at a open air market.
    3. One of my dreams is to vacation in Seattle, Washington and visit the hopper islands-riding the boats across, going here to there by bicycle is a part of the adventure.
    4. I'm building my own essential oil family and,
    5. I'm a mother of two special kiddos, both teenagers and my oldest will graduate high school this year 🎉
    Thanks for another fun blog post, Nancy-so love the suitcases.

  4. Susan M., from Gratitude Girls.... 5 Things.......
    1. I own and use 5 sewing machines: a mid arm straight- stitch- only beast with harpoon-like needles that plows through everything; a serger; a cover hem; and two computerized machines rarely used.
    2. I love, love, LOVE my hometown, Akron, Ohio: Rubber Capital of the World. Now, Polymer Capital. It's the gritty persistence and creativity to reinvent and repurpose because there is no other option. We have to.
    3. I collect odd bits of historical Tire Town ephemera, especially Goodyear. Blimps. Rosie the Riveter Tire Builder. etc.
    4. Love architectural details. Keen observer of building details. Wanted to be an architect.....but Math.
    5. Sing and Dance Everyday. Sing and dance while I sew. Sing while I drive. Equal Opportunity Annoyance. Bonus if angry or obscure Indie Pop for the carpool. I hate carpool.

  5. % things about me; 1. I have MS but MS doesn't have me. 2. I have been drawing and painting all my life, on and off. 3. I love my tea, it's the only hot drink for me. 4. Next year will be my 4th on the Lifebook course by Tamara Laporte. 5. I love learning. How's that for 5 things?