Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Heart of Gratitude Journey: 12 ways in 14 days!

Hi, guys!  I am about 24 hours behind schedule on most things.  I always say, "if I just had one more day!"   Fortunately, I work for myself and can scoot things around to accommodate for this "just one more day" syndrome.

Does anybody else do this?  I think the key for me is recognizing it and building it into my systems.  Also not taking on too much, being more picky about what and who I want to work with.  Not deliberately putting so much pressure on myself.

But you wanna know what really makes being a creative entrepreneur aka, a Bonafide Boss Lady, the best?  What makes me smile and happy dance and work crazy long hours?

It's gratitude.  Being grateful.  It puts things in perspective and grounds me. Counting my blessings.

I had an "outline" for this post, sorta. Sorry, Kris, but I'm trying.  But today had other plans and so I'm "winging" it.   I've kinda been building this up for awhile now, so you guys pretty much get it already, right?

Dana, my bestie and I are hosting another Gratitude Journey.  We did one last March and it was amazing and that's totally why we are doing this again!  It was fun, exciting and filled with gratitude!

And I am so thrilled to be doing it again! The group has almost 100 members, some are returning from the last journey and we've got a whole bunch of new members too!  ONE HUNDRED MEMEBERS!  Wow!

I am having so much fun!  You ladies are incredible!  I am so grateful for your participation and I'm hoping you'll get lots of inspiration and ideas and bunches of new friends!

We are going to have giveaways and contests and challenges and biz tips and Q & A's and support and encouragement and some surprises that we don't even know about! ♡  Right, Dana? ;)

So read Dana's blog post, she's probably got a bunch more information for you or the same information in a whole different light.

I will post lots of stuff on Facebook and on Instagram and of course in one of the best groups on the internet!!  The Gratitude Girl's Cheer League

I am so grateful you are here and I hope to see you over in the group!!