Monday, April 28, 2014

Domesticraft: A Sneak Peek before the Sneak Preview

One last post before the "Official" Sneak Peek day.  Thanks in advance to all of you for your support!  Here is some eye candy for your crafty sweet tooth.  ;o)
Can you tell I love the color red?
 The above photo is one of the "lounge areas", where you can knit or crochet or chat or read or ??
I love this little scene and I see that I also need to clean the window.
This window is in the photo booth wall room . . . lots of natural light.
Another cozy spot.  My fave.  Tons of early morning sunshine!
Here's a larger view.   It is so fun to play on this board!
How about a game of Parcheese by the hearth?  Yes, I washi taped & mod podged it!
Here's another view of the side yard.  There is an awesome view of Mt.  Hood to the right, which I totally didn't think to shoot, duh.
 Hope to see lots of you tomorrow and all through the month of May!

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  1. OMG...I love this Ummy......awesome idea...You rock