Thursday, May 1, 2014

Changing May 3 to an OPEN STUDIO DAY!

It's time to get your craft on!
I haven't had anyone sign up for Saturday's Scrapbooking Bliss Event on May 3rd as of now,  so I am going to go ahead and close that event for purchasing at this time.  And since I can't waste a perfectly beautiful craft day,  I'm going to go ahead and make up some lemonade and bake some cookies anyway and turn Saturday into an Open Studio Day . . . same hours: 12-12, Yay!  They say the weather is still going to be pretty nice too. (but this is Portland, we'll see)  If it's looking favorable, I am going to have the grounds set up for a beautiful picnic experience.  Below are some actual shots of an event being set up here at Domesticraft earlier this week.
This is where I took an accidental nap the other evening & missed a very important meeting!
 Too relaxing for me,  sorry again, Julie!
So just give me a quick buzz before you head on over, so that I can secure your time slot & space.  Nancy @ 503-267-0530 and bring your lunch, snack & dinner!
You can pay when you come via credit or debit card, or cash or pay online through my shop link.  There is also lots more info at the shop, on my Facebook page and my Pinterest account or simpler yet, click on the Open Studio Tab at the top of the blog.
P.S.  This change  is for only May 3rd.  There are still some spots available for the All Day Scrapbooking Bliss Event for May 10th and 24th!  You can reserve your spot by clicking here!

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